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Today, on February 10. in 1897. the American medical scientists John Franklin Enders was born.

Enders was born in West Hartford in Connecticut.
His father was the CEO of the Hartford National Bank.
Enders finished the Noah Webster School in Hartford and the St. Paul's School in Concord and then started his education at the Yale University.

In 1918. Enders joined the United States Army Air Corps.
After World War I he continued his studies at the Yale University, successfully graduating.
After the death of his father he inherited $19 million.
He tried several professions before ultimately choosing the biomedical field.

In 1930. Enders got his Ph.D. in infectious diseases at Harvard and begun and working in the Children's Hospital Boston.
He teamed up with Thomas Huckle Weller and Frederick Chapman Robbins, and in 1949. the trio announced a successful in glass studies of the poliovirus for which they received a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Jonas Salk used the Enders-Weller-Robbins technique to develop a polio vaccine in 1952.
Disliking the development of the polio vaccine, Enders begun developing his measles vaccine.
Soon after he begun his trials in 1960, the New York Times announced the measles vacine being effective on September 17. 1961. eventually earning him the nickname "The Father of Modern Vaccines".

John Franklin Enders died at the age of 88, on September 8. 1985. in Waterford.
At the end of his life he was holding doctoral degrees from 13 universities and received numerous rewards.

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I hope you enjoyed this short introduction about the man who greatly improved the medical standards of all human beings!


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