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On February 20. 1894. (or 1901.) the American blues pianist Jimmy Yancey was born in Chicago.

There are some uncertainties about Yancey's birth year, different sources state different years.
Yancey was born into a family of musicians, his father was a guitarist and singer and his older brother Alonzo a pianist like himself.

He started as a tap dancer and singer, starting to teach himself how to play piano at the age of 15.
By the age of 20 he had already toured throughout the U.S. and Europe and had already become a well known pianist influencing younger musicians.

His first recordings came out in 1939. and were noticed in the blues and jazz circles as something never hear of before.
Yancey's first single was named Beezum Blues. one of 23 published in the same year, 1939. alongside How Long Blues, Rolling the Stone, Steady Rock Blues and others.

Beezum Blues

Throughout the most time of his career he made his recordings solo.
In the later days his wife Estelle joined him and together they recorder an album in 1951. which was released after Yancey's death.

*Jimmy & Mama Yancey - How Long Blues *

Yancey died of a diabetes-inducted stroke on September 17. 1951. in his home town, Chicago.
He was accepted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

Jimmy Yancey - Yancey Stomp

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