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Today is the birthday of Bob Marley!

He was born Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley in Saint Ann Parish Jamaica.
Bob was a musician throughout the world remembered for his reggae and ska music.
He started his music career in the group the Wailers in 1963. with whom he produced 7 albums and numerous hits throughout the years, like One Love, Kaya, Sun is Shining, etc.

After the Wailers parted their ways in 1974. Bob started a solo career still recording under the name "Bob Marley and The Wailers".
He released his first album called Exodus in 1977. which was sold in 15 million copies and made Bob famous around the whole world.

Natural Mystic - one of the songs from the album Exodus

In 1980. he published the album "Uprising", his last studio album, which contains some of the popular songs like Redemption Song and Zion Train.

Zion Train

Shortly after, at the age of just 36 years, on May 11. 1981. Bob Marley died of a malignant melanoma (skin cancer) under the nail of his toe, which was found way earlier, in 1997. but he refused to treat it.

Everything's Gonna Be Alright

After his death in 1983, the album Confrontation was published which contained previously unreleased songs, including one of his most popular ones, Buffalo Soldier.

Buffalo Soldier

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For the end one we can all remember him by!

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