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Day of the dead started by the Aztec, Toltec and others thousands of years ago. Mourning was not part of their tradition when loved ones died but a sign of disrespect. Deceased loved ones were kept alive in memory and in spirit by having a special time out of the year to celebrate them. The festivities would start October 30th to November 2nd, deceased loved ones are celebrated by colorful decorative altars and portraits of them along with their favorite foods and drinks.
Today I'd like to share some examples of what an altars looks like. Pictures were taken at the Maya Riviera, Mexico.
@splendorhub Day of the dead.jpg This is one of the colorful decorative flower arrangements.

@splendorhub Day of the dead 2.jpg
The altars are placed for offerings with foods and other items. Here you can see the portrait of the deceased with pan dulce (sweet bread), tamales, cerveza (beer) and cola. Another popular food item is the candy skull.

@splendorhub Day of the dead 4.jpg
Here's another example of an altar.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and learned the main significance for the celebration of the dead. Make sure to drop a line below :) Best wishes to all.

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Mexico is super rich culturally. very nice country and this holiday is very interesting. Thanks, upvoted and following you :)

I'll follow you. and follow me.

That’s awesome. I didn’t realize that so much went into the day of the dead. Thanks for sharing and teaching me something new.

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Great write up! I never knew what the day of the dead was, I really like it now that I know! Thank you.

Thank you for your comment :)

Oh amazing info... Great post

Awesome pictures!

Thank you :) Best wishes

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