The Warrior Stone Statues And The Stone Lions Of Bunhwangsa Pagoda

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In previous posting, I wrote about the Buddhist Pagoda of Bunhwangsa.
I posted that the pagoda seemed to be related to that of India.

I’d like to post the stone sculptures of this pagoda.
There are four stone windows at each direction.
Near the stone windows, there is a pair of stone warriors.


What I’d like to share with you on this stone statues is the appearances of that.
The first thing I’d like to introduce to you is the appearance of the face.
The face appearance looked different from each other.
The appearance of some faces were removed by the rain and the wind of long long time.
More than 1400 years are seemed to be enough for the appearances the statues being eroded.


But some of the faces were still sustaining it’s original appearances.
I felt something interesting appearances among the faces.

It seemed that some of the appearances were looked like Arian’s face, while the others were seemed to be that of Asiatic appearances.



Below looked like an Arian face for me, the face was destroyed though.

The line of the chin seemed like to express the mustache and whiskers.




In my opinion, there had been existed active exchange of the cultures between western and eastern society.
Shilla was the very last area of the silk road between the western and the eastern world.

So it must be taken into granted that the proof of the influence was found among the relics of Shilla dynasty’s.

The one more interest statues were stone lions of at the end of the foundation of the pagoda.
The standing board explained that those animals were lions.
But it seemed that the appearances of the statues seemed to be different that of the lions.





Each sculptures were slightly different from each other in it’s appearances.
I couldn’t specify the exact appearances of the statues.
Some of the sculptures looked like an animal of imagination, Haetae.

Do you recognize the differences of the sculptures ?

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even if you greatly ruin the grandeur of these statues we read again. They had to impress and succeed after hundreds of years!

The statues and the Lions are a product of symbolic beliefs and they show the virtues of Buddhism through the meaningful expressions of these marvelous Korean relics. @slowwalker


Thank you as always @cryptopie

Amazing dear
Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

I wonder how they looked alike when they were created?! That must have been an awesome thing!

Excellent travel photos!


thank you

nice Photography

a place full of history, about how many years the place was built, I really love the culture of korea, success for @slowwalker

Great article :-)

Amazing historical items. Stone is amazing. I would want to learn more about them.

i wish to learn more about this

I do not know the difference of the statue. But the animal statue I noticed did not look like a lion. Thank you for sharing interesting and useful things for me too.

It looks like a very impressive and magnificent statue
Distinctive perception really did well

it's always great to see these ancient statue..

오랜 세월에 마모된 석상이지만
위풍당당함을 느끼게 합니다
아래 동물상은 상상의 동물

its great job to share history

Very nice Photography. I like this your travel.
I appreciate your post @slowwalker

oh wow. thats great!!!! really old stones!!!! resteemed! perfect one!!!! thanks for this diamant!

Tôi yêu thích nó

In one of your previous posts, you mentioned Korea's possible contacts with Greece. And in these sculptures I see this line again. The statue with sideburns is very similar to the images of ancient Greek philosophers. Very interesting selection of sculptures. Some of them really resemble India. It is quite curious and intriguing to learn more. Thank you for publishing.


Thank you for comment

even though the statue of the Statue is a bit crushed and cracked. The statue of the statue has a lot of history. I am very happy with your post @ slowwalker.

Ancient archetype are always nice to see. Good photography. Thanks for sharing.

Ancient and artistic statue, thanks for your sharing to us informative post, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia

저 같으면 그냥 흘려 보냈을 것을
디테일하게 보시네요
문화유산에 대한 애정이 크시기 때문이겠죠
늘 부럽습니다.



Always so outstanding . thank you...and for your support as well.

post a very useful, thanks for sharing, I have vote and resteem your post. I am very glad to know you, you exceptional @slowwalker

Excellent photography keep it up just resteem your post @mannyfig1956

Very beautiful work of art...thanks for sharing the pictures with us. The warrior stone looks great.

Interesting sculptures. Haetae looks like the cattle-like beast in ancient China which was used as a symbol of justice and law, and it is now engraved on the gavels in the law courts.

I doubt, it seems only 2 statues of lions, the other 2 look different, maybe if looking directly from close range will look different

amazing ,thanks for your post..

Nice photos and informative essay

this is great for knowledge, I see you once the spirit with travel and publish the problem like this. where this place, and whether each of the statue has the meaning?

Thnks for sharing, @pojan


This is Gyeongju city, Korea.
Not north, but South.
If you go to the North, Nobody guarantee your return. lol.


haha, i will ask for your help if i go astray.

In the last picture,the statue on the back of something before it was as if a lion had wings. griffin?...

Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

My grandpa when he was alive made stuff like this, but it's great to see history being preserved! Great photos!

The olden days rock sculpture has been always amazing.

I have been to indian buddhist pagodas. Infact i have stayed there for many days and learned meditation there.

But i havent seen such lion art structures anywhere!! Beautiful they are :)

I am aware that these buddhist pagodas are dpread worldwide and they teach meditation done by lord buddha.

But i didnt know that one can go there for trips and tours, or did u also meditate there ??



I am just walking around there.


okayy !!! cool !! Keep walking slow :D

Beautiful photography work, this is iconic

Some great photography! Love it! Here's how I do long haul flights on the way to starting a tour:!/v/givesaminute/zx24a9nw


They might be animals of imaginations. But I think they were animal hybrids that existed long ago. We can find evidence in all ancient civilizations of animal hybrids.
Lovely photos :)

Wow so Beautiful post

@slowwalker Silla was a rich country and its capital Seorabeol now called Gyeongj was the forth biggest capital in the world so that could made possible the visit of many people and their influence apart from the politics and social conflicts that finish the dynasty and they had influence russian from Balhae


You are specialist in history of Korea


@slowwalker I am not but I love history, that is why I read the posts about history of any country and Korea it is a special place I would like to visit one day

Do you hope so good? Your post has been very good.
It's a beautiful place to see. I do dew with God,
You can post better than that, we are following your rules, and you have been Upvote.

I love knowing new things ... I always support new things and new knowledge .... lover of history ... I love your post friend, you have my vote higher

Statues, what a good place ... it looks very nice

Friend could you tell me when you were there ... the photos are very nice

The staues are "foo lions" they have roots in chinese culture / religion but spread across parts of Asia. I think they roughly based on the appearance of Asian lions, but as guardians of important sites / buildings they have a celestial / mythological quality.

Some of the statues are scary though.......

I can see an ancient astronauts theory here :)

Buen Post, sobre las imágenes de estatuas. gracias por nutrirnos en cuanto a cultura.

Very interesting article, the photos are choosed very professional .

nice pagoda

Thank you that you have understood this post very well and have said that the photos you gave are very much like it

It really seem that two different nations are represented in those human statues. So pity that time erased that Arian-alike face, leaving only beard of it. Another 1400 years and there will be no beard also)

Any idea what stone are these statues have been made from?

nice article, amazing ;)

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Wonderful travel place. I like it.

i love your pictures :) thanks for the posts

Wonderful looking this photography, i like your traveling............

interesting topic, very detailed photos

Great history. Picture can tell a story. I'm sure visiting these relics were priceless. very fascinating.

This is a great post. Thanks for sharing!

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Nice pictures, I love the last one best

amazing images, nice shot..

Very nice all the photos, it seems an interesting place!

Saludos, por aca les dejo mi post! Espero les guste y recibir un voto de su parte!

These photos are so cool. I also like the statue work. Impressive people.

Wow nice travel

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Beautiful looking this photography,iappreciate your traveling.

I would like to invite you to see this picture.

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