Small Earthen Statues in the Museum and It’s Meaning

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What attracted my attention most was small tiny earthen statues in Gyeongju National Museum.
While arranging the photos taken in the museum, I noticed that there were lots of small tiny earthen things.

These things had been out of people’s interest for long time.
There were not so many Earthen statues which were in perfect condition.
Lots of them were broken due to the material problem.
It would be natural that the earthen things were broken easily.

Among those earthen statues, I’d like to introduce 3 kinds in this posting.

First thing is really small statue as below.


Interest thing is this small figure looks like wear a turban.
It was marvelous for me that there was a man wearing turban in Shilla dynasty, the end of Eurasia more than 2000 years ago.

I posted some days ago about the contact and exchange between Shilla dynasty and Persia.
This could be a evidence of my posting.
If this figure is not a Persian, is it a Indian ?

What do you think ?

Secondly, what I’d like to introduce to you is the figures of cavalrymen.
These cavalrymen figures mean that Shill had a close relationship with horse.




It is believed that people who had been lived in Korean peninsula had came from Central Asia.
It means that Shilla was originally nomad.

Of course, every culture have it’s relics relating to cavalry culture.
In the past, horse was a usual transportation mean, so it could be told that the cavalry statues was not so special. But in the case of Shilla dynasty, Quantities are different from usual farming culture civilizations.

The nomadic culture seemed to be a source or origin of these lots of figures relating to the cavalry.

What I’d like to show you next are the pieces of ink stone.
You might know about the calligraphy of brush.
The ink was made by rubbing the ink stone on the ink stone.

It seemed like that the ink stone was made by earthenware instead of stone.


What I saw in the museum was the earthenware.

Here, I like to show you is the legs of the ink stone.
There were lots of legs of the ink stone.


And impressive thing was each legs were so delicately carved.



What I interested in was why the patterns on the leg of ink stone were looked like Demon.
All explanation board named these faces of Demon’s face.


But I don’t agree with that explanation.
Nobody had wanted to carve Demon’s face on the ink stone.
On the contrary, I think this face was carved to protect evil and demon.

In this point, this face seemed quite different from demon’s face.
In my point of view, it looks like a face of dragon, and so on.

Anyway, let’s enjoy the delicate carvings.

Thank you so much for your reading


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your photography....and the images you capture are just.......ineffable!

Wow the mall tiny earthen statues in Gyeongju National Museum looks great and reminds me of my visit to Berlin Museum. The good thing is to appreciate and understand the meaning of all these work of arts. Thanks for sharing and thank you for your prudent comment on my post. More success to you.

thank you for reading and comment

Dragon world.

I love korea history

I think these earthenware came from Asian countries as a carving or as a matter of financial value from traders in silk route.

Thank you so much

Always resplendence slowwalker ,great job on all your posts, thanks so much for all the beautiful work ^^

Thank you so much

How can anyone be sure that it is the face of a demon? It might be an animal or a representation of god or a protector. Interesting history tho. Thanks for showing us!

Thank you for your comment

Wow this small earthen statues are very interesting! Thank you for sharing the history of this amazing statues!

Thank you for reading

This is awesome! 2000 years, that blows my mind. Think about where we were as humans at that time! We have come a long ways but im not sure in what direction. Thanks for the read! I'll be following!

Thank you for your reading

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Tiny Tiny Cute earthen statues! Why were they made for? What is the history?

There is always an interesting writing about the story of history that inspires every reader, I am a lot of ideas and ideas that are still hidden in you, from the idea you can cover a variety of history and follow its development. Perhaps this is an important lesson for our newly-developed Steemit. Thank you brother @slowwalker

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Looks creepy. But we will not understand if we do not understand the history.

Nice photos and precious information..

you slowwalker is very remarkable you always post about the history of history ancient times because about history you can also we take the hikmahnya you are very amazing slowwalker

waw is very good, a memorable history 👍

It needs a keen power of observation to notice the things you have discussed in this post. Not everybody can understand these things. A very informative post!

Korea is a beautiful country.

Is it a form of the past kingdom

Wow you are still moving along with the museum am getting interested in Korean history

wow this arts looking very different

I guess dragons on your inkwell was high fashion at some point.

The historic statue, beautifully tucked away,

I love about history.

a good story for us to hear my friend .. and continue to share info about your story my good friend yes @slowwalker

You are interested in small things. After reading the post, it seems that I visited the museum

What kind of materials were used in making these statues?

Interesting work us have shown. Thank you very much.

carita that adds great insight, and will be an example for everyone, successfully create @slowwalker

경주는 꼭 한번 다시 가보고 싶은곳입니다~^^
멋진 포스팅 잘봤습니다~

Thank you for organizing such an exciting walk to the museum. It was very interesting to me. Good luck to you.

Спасибо, что организовали нам такую увлекательную прогулку в музей. Мне было очень интересно. Удачи Вам.

Turban is a protection against the sun and it also wicks away sweat on your forehead.

beautiful sculpture technique, thanks

The statues look so nice and vividly!

Interesting and informative post. Thanks

Please upvote me

Wow you lover of heritage, are around the world to know about history of that country? Nice journey @slowwalker

You really are enjoying your historical adventures. I enjoyed your article especially the miniature earthenwares. Thanks for sharing.

Love your content! Keep steeming!

I agree that the faces should chase out demons instead and not be scary!!

Nice statue... Its history might be interesting thing to be known.

Wow Nice collection I think its really great post
Thanks for your post ....

Great photos, great story!

I'm always fascinated by the fact that people managed to do such amazing sculpture back then. Just look at those details and the fact that they used the Ink :O

hiii friend @slowwalker always love your quality post and amazing photography. my support and appriciations for you.

It's quite a fascinating historic museum. Buddhism flourished in this period, so I am sure there would be a lot of Buddhist work at the museum. The figure looks more of Persian then Indian, and the demons face what it looks like must be definitely a protection figure. Very interesting

earthen things is so much nice,
dragon world😍

You are making me fall in love with the arts and history. Lovely carvings there and somehow scary too. Haha. I definitely need to visit a museum soon.

Historical evidence, explaining that they had lived long before we lived.

really love this type of talent

nice carvings

Sunguh luar biasa

I love history, civilization and culture. nice to meet you at Steemit sir @slowwalker

Regards from Indonesia

Nice Post TanKS for information

Delicate carvings exquisite workmanship

its such a amazing photography with content i really appreciate with you. keep it up.

Very interesting articles, i have read and resteem it to more 1000 my follower, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia

Very cool. They look like dragons to me , too.

y lo mas sorprendes es que son moldeadas con nuestras manos, el ser humano es capaz de eso y mas, que envidia que puedas ver de cerca estas pequeñas maravillas

great history and very nice photography.

hmm I do not know if it is an Indian or a Persian one :O I think to make this small statues was also like a hobby and a meditation at the same time. The pattern reminds me of the statues in Mongolian Temples.I would also say it is a dragon . A demon can be also a ghost, has not really look like this. Thanks for your information and thoughts!!

Thank you for your comment.
Mongolian.. Umm

amazing relics.

small statues but very expressive as the ancient figurines know how to be

An interesting story about the sculpture photography you are telling its history. success always for you @slowwalker😊

Wow, amazing they are still in fairly good shape after all these years. I love stuff like this. It looks like a really fun day. Thanks for sharing your journey!

I think the first one looks like a gingerbread man. It looks like a turban from an Indian. I don't know much about Persians so cant really say. These statues are quite cute and interesting to watch. :)

Some of the artifacts look really simple while the others look really intricate. I can see the passion that was put on to these earthen wares.

The demon face carvings actually look artistic in my opinion.

আমি খুব গরিব ঘরের মধ্যে জমেছি।আমি কলেজে ১বৎসর লেখা পড়া করছি।কলেজে লেখা পড়া করার জন্য অনেক টাকার দরকার তাই আমি আপনার কাছে ভালবাসা চাই।আপনি আমাকে ভোট দিয়ে ভালোবাসা দেবেন। my ID @mohabat

It reminds me of my days when i used to work in National Museum delhi 's Harrapan deparment.
I am so blessed that i actually got a chance to touch those mother goddesses becoz of some renovation work going on in the gallery. i actually took those pious terracotta mother goddesses in my hand. i felt the lump in my throat and butterflies in my stomach.images (32).jpg

haha this is cool, the dragons are badass but the ones at the top look like things i used to make when i was 5 with playdoh. man those were the days....

Thanks for taking me around the Gyeongju National Museum. I love and appreciate history. I might never get the opportunity to be there physically. We need an appreciation of the past to humble and remind us how far we've come.

This is a great post. I love real history. Some really nice pics you have there. Look forward to seeing more of your posts. Good job.

You have done great work to show us the Korean culture through these minute sculptures. Excellent work and indeed great photography.

hi, nice to meet you , friend , really appreciate your post , the photos you take is really like the face of dragon !wonderful pic!

That demons face look like the sad eyes for me..

Muy buen post, me gusto mucho la información y las fotos. Gracias por compartir.

Definitely better than anything I could do.

I like to read every post you...Upvote and follow you!

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Thanks 😊

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I like this history , i am wait next history from you

In archaeology the smallest artefacts can reveal the most information about a civilisation.Nice photos showing good detail, I enjoyed your post.

It must be amazing going there. These earthen statues are definitely treasures. It embodies the history and culture through these little statues. 😀

Gosh!! Earthenware can survive for such a long, long period of time. The materials must be of the very best quality!! Did you see a lot of figures with turban? I wish we have more information on the interaction of people of Shilla dynasty with those from Persia or India?

As always, your post is making us in awe :D

Really nice!

Thanks for your sharing. That's look so strange but I can understand through your post!

And that's meanings related to the historical places...

Please upvote me

Thank you so much for sharing with us <3

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It was really good written. (Sorry for my bad english, I am German :D)

Interesting post!

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