Relic Only For Adults in Gyengju National Museum in Korea

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I could not but laughing as soon as looking at small decorated statue on the surface of the vessel of 5 century AD.



No one seemed to notice the secret of the earthenware vessel.
It was lucky for me to find out this interesting figure in this museum.

There were lots of pupils when I entered into the museum. Plus the teachers were eager to show many relics as long as possible to their pupils. So I could not get closer to the displaying window. At that time, I saw an window where the earthenwares were displayed.
There were no people in front of this window.

I got closer to there and looked at the window waiting for my order.

There were lots of earthenware things in the window. Too many things were displayed in one window. So it was inconvenient to looking around due to the narrow space.


Suddenly an interesting small figure came to my eyes.
That was a sex posture. I laughed silently. I understood why the teachers escaped from this window.



So I got to closer to the vessel and took the photos.
In my guess, the sex figure was the symbol of the fecundity.
Interest thing was a posture having sex.
The bottom of woman was well made.
And the size of penis was exaggerated.

Actually people in Shilla dynasty was very liberal with the sexual intercourse according to the records.

Anyway this vessel gave me a secret pleasure. It is first time to reveal my secret in public.

What made me amazing was a candle stand of the dragon.
The face of the dragon was so vivid and the decorations were so nice.


There were other many figures of the earthenware.





These figures reminded me of that of the Sinan Wrecked ship.

Why did they make small figures?
Why did people need these small figures in Korea, Japan and China ?

Thank you for reading


They are very well preserved! In all the museums of the world these ancient figurines are found. Perhaps they are propitiatory or thankful signs. It's incredible ... they look the same all over the world ...

Thank you so much

The vases on top don't look ruined to me. Even the chips and breaks look like decorations. I appreciate this kind of art. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for comment

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This is lovely...already having a tour through a section of a museum without physical presence. cool


an interesting post, @slowwalker.

I assume the ancients used figurines the same way we do now for decorative purposes.

The depiction of sexuality although shocking to some was reflective of a more balanced approach to life.

Moderns think they invented sex, but in ways the modern era has perverted it by taking it out of the context of life and using photography or cinematography to isolate on body parts to the detriment of the whole person and the wider context of sex in relationship to romance and love.

Ironically, I was thinking about this today when I posted my story and used a photo of a beautiful journalist from the 1930's named Lee Miller. She was a libertine and her sexual exploits would be shocking even by today's standards.

So, as Faulkner said, the past is not dead, it isn't even past.

Have a good day, my friend :)

thank you for your comment
Yes, the sex is our part of life.
Our thought on the sex must be a result of Hebraism in my guess.

Are these pots all made of clay, I am amazed the figures on the pot lasted so long! from the 5 Century AD!
Wow, truly impressive and great story! thank you for sharing the post.

Thank you for reading

Too bad the relic shown in the first pic is broken but is still has great value just by showing us part of history :)

May be to demonstrate themselves?

Love is the eternal topic of mankind and it has the power to ward off evil in some way....

its an amazing museum well done u capture

I hope visit korea

The posture having sex. Lol, the big cock. Hahahha . sorry, interesting but funny post.

Wonderful images you show here :)
Im hoping to provide one day that great value to all Steemians as you do.
Im just travelling the world with my Music :)
Keep up the good work

let's go to the end of the world together

anyplace anytime <3

The story was very good, thanks for share. I wish to visit korea.

Wow nice post and good job

Them ancients knew how to party. I like the squiggly man, and I swear that’s Ultraman next to him.

For me it seems that these little figures were added later.

Those are interesting pieces! I love that dragon candleholder!!! 😍

Teachers always avoiding situations and uncomfortable questions from their students jajajaja. Gretings.

That figurine has the cock as big as the hand lol.

very fantastic art.

surreal & great!

this story is very funny. ha ha ha

I didn't notice there was sex figure on the vessel when I saw the first pic.
ㅋㅋㅋ확대된사진보고 빵터젔습니다

There has to be some hidden amazing history surrounding the small figures. If you dig deeper, you might be quite impressed by what you will find.

In my opinion, the sex figure shouldn't be exposed, it should be carefully tucked away in an area marked 18 plus➕ or something. This way, a set of school children will not bump into it.

Thanks for sharing this.

Thank you for comment

I'm a new follower but this was a excellent post with quality images my friend, I am green for more posts.
Actually, i have post that you can check on

It is truly artistic artifacts, but because it is small, we do not know what it is
Perhaps it made things small for ease of carrying as we know in the past everyone was walking on his feet for long distances
And if someone was carrying something big or huge slows down his movements.

lol you've a very naughty side , many people haven't noticed the posture when they saw the first pic (including me ) . Lol !! I think you're a pro ;)

historical thing very nice.. thanks for sharing

I'm Gyeongju Kim family~~ ^______^

That's a really great place to visit dear @slowwalker,

And those earthenware are superb and I wonder how they crafted them in the past and they are still in a great shape also,

Well the girl figure was quite funny and I can now understand why you use the title of the post as "Only For Adult"😂😂

And I personally like that Dragon Candle holder because the are work on that one is exceptionally beautiful.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful relics dear @slowwalker.

Thank you so much

Lol.. Innocent teachers... They had to bring the students out because if someone asked teacher what is that? and other student replys it's doggy style... The teacher would be shocked then...
I have no idea why they made these little pupits...


The sex one is funny, right under everyone's noses! I have been watching the Olympics from South Korea, they have been showing many fascinating places and stories about Korea. My father was in the war there. I hope to visit someday.

Thank you for your reading
We always thank you for their sacrifice

Interesting art though, Thanks for sharing xx

Stories that attract friends, you are amazing always post about the history of the world, success is always a friend ..

both successful friends always make you ..

Estos orientales son unos loquillos XD

You got beautiful pictures of relics. But I couldn't help to notice those shorties trying to do doggies 😂

ahahhaa....i still can't stop laughing. I understand fecundity, but the sex posture picture is really hillarious. meme2.gif

you got a secret pleasure~ congratulation~

Seem look like traditional but looked to awesome style

very good!
good job!!

This Post is a reminder to take close look at things in the museum. :D Never know what surprise waits for you.

The vessels and statues are made so skillfully, even though there was no technology. This post is funny, btw :D

Thank you so much for reading

재미있는 이야기 덕분에 잘 보았습니다. 담에 경주박물관 가면 꼭 잊지않고 보고와야겠어요~^^20180209_114926.jpg

nice there is the meaning of the story in it

You should do a post of the sex museum in Jeju. :)

I will next time

I love the history
thats great post i like it

The ancient relics are very attracive and beautiful. I love the antiques of korean and chinese civilizations.

A fifth-century NSFW vessel, who would have thought? 8-)

unique relics

ahahahha :)
The artist must have been very entertained while making figures from this land!
Let's make a penis and how do you like it?
I dreamed you thought. a wonderful share my dear friend. it makes me happy to see works of cultural values. indeed, we have a lot to learn in this world and do not know!

Thank you for reading

woow it seems that korean people (people of Shilla dynasty) inthe large past were open mind on the suexuality domain , its inerresting to know thoese informations, the post is impressive like gold

Thank you so much for reading

Nice post i love it

What a piquant picture of clay figures! :D

Culture travels a million years... It only changes but never dies

Fasting is good, interesting, I love it. It is a pity that in our city there are no good ancient museums. I like insanely similar things. All of them conceal in themselves stories or secrets. And why am I not an archaeologist ??😀😀😀

You can be an archeologist

LOL! Hopefully it will not get "censored" after your post.

The ancient Greek were much better making "adult" decorations on vases and plates and there used to be a huge selection of such "plate porn" in the British Museum.

A couple of years ago I wanted to show them to my son, but we could not find any of them anymore. Probably someone stupid complained and the Museum removed them from display.

What a world where any depiction of violence is ok, but sex isn't!

Such intricate detail. It's amazing to think that someone made these by hand! Thank you so much for sharing history with us :)

Thank you for reading

It just goes to show that people have always had a dirty sense of humour. I guess its probably a good thing all the groups of school children didn't pay too much attention in the end.

Another great post! Would love to visit Korea one day and see their museum!

@slowwalker Very interesting :) Steem on.

Art of handmade so awesome.all look natural and simple but has a high architectural value, making it look something of high value.

Been looking through your post for a while. I've lived in Korea for 8 years, but I feel like I see more of Korea in your pictures that I do in my day to day life. You earned a follow from me.

Thank you so much

Very interesting figures on the vase! :) I wonder if the creator of the vase had a chuckle to him/herself when crafting the item and who may have ordered the item in the first place? I love your subtle description of the figures:

"the bottom of the woman was well made..."

I like this post and have reviewed a few of your others. I like history too so am going to give you a follow for more great content. :)

I envy you. You look like professional writer and photographer.

Wow! Amazing artifact! That dragon is a CANDLE HOLDER! Cool! But something missing? Need more details, please... I love to know more about this artifact and where did they found it, which area in KOREA?

I love reading history while doing my part in charity work... If there is video, will be great! Thanks!

Oh my god
I didn't write down the explanations.
I need to visit there once more

stories that attract friends, and historical relics are very historic, and known to the whole world, and many folklore that you post, and very useful, success for you @slowwalker

Amazing and authentic
Very elegant work i wish to be like that

I like .....old people did passionate handwork pic 4 and 5.

@slowwalker super awesome art... Especially the one at the top ..vase art is amazing... It dont even look like broken vase but rather the broken pieces in itself gives more decoration and charm... ..earthenware art is mindblowingggggggggg....

It is amazing that these relics still exist. Thanks for sharing!

Interesting and funny miniature post, can you help me follow and vote me @ hendrimirza

Very interesting to see these earthenwares and the figures. Probably the teacher didn't bring the pupils to that window because of the sex figures, so you can approach it and have all the place to yourself ;)

Ini post yang sangat bagus untuk mengenal barang kuno , banyak orang yang tidak memanfaatkan barang unik ini sehingga tidak terawat sehingga hilang dan terlupakan

I also wonder saw a dragon decorated in such a way, so beautiful

@slowwalker if i'd be a Chinese, korian or Japanese, i would have told you... But unfortunately i am not... And this is the questions i want to ask for decades from them... But unluckily i have never crossed one of them till now and also that closeup pic of man is so funny....


Maravilloso Museo, gracias por compartir y ayudarnos a conocer de ese bello pais.

Infact, people of ancient civilization had saved their culture in the form of these statues without having cameras!

well that explains that a thing has a very extraordinary history of history that we never know

The first picture look nice, at first. Unless I read your title, i would not be looking closer.

Thats an interesting thing about the dinasty - which I 've never heard before

People say, miniatures are children's games. To me, a miniature is like a diamond, 12+ Best miniature toys of the year, you have it? #SoCool #SaveTrumph XD

very good posting
i have never seen like that ,,, /?

Great work! It is very interesting.

I love museums. Everything displayed in a museum is part of our history. Not only that, it makes us, somehow, live in the past. This post makes me want to visit a museum ahaha. This post deserves an upvote from everyone hahaha.

if you want my opinion sex is a very good mood that all of the peolpe need to have it from past up to now and it is not unnormal

Nice..plis vote back mister

May be it kept the bad vibes away from them... May be... I dont know altho

Nice Relic..............

Beautiful pottery, and a beautiful museum display. And well, you know, it's a part of life! @slowwalker

great post. following , upvoting

Seems your having fun visiting this museum. I love visiting historical places it will make u understand a lot of things.

Very interesting and only goes to show that sex in art never goes out of style. Thanks for the post.

Haha.. So your secret revelaed..
Dragon is beautiful.. It means dragons concept is very old.. Relics are beautiful

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