Maitreya Buddha in Mitasa Temple and Tragic Story of Korean War near Mitasa

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It was not easy to get to the Mitasa Temple which was located in north west of Seoul in Korea. The Road to Mitasa Temple was so slippery due to the snow fallen the day before.

The Maitreya Stone Buddha in Mitasa Temple is so unique in it’s history.
The Maitreya Buddha is a future Buddha having a meaning of the savior.
The reason why we dropped by was this Buddha statue had been buried for long time, we could estimate at least more than several hundred years.

This Buddha was found at the early age of 1920s under the ground.
It is believed that the style of this Buddha was similar to that of Koryeo Dynasty.
But it was not certain when this statue had been built.

Even though this statue had been buried for a long time, the status of the statue was very nice. Nothing was broken or damaged.

I looked around the statue. It’s height was about 3.2 M and leaning forward slightly.

When checking the statue, an oldman came to us and asked what brought us here.
And he continued to explaining his work relating to the Korean War memorial monument near Mitasa temple.

And he guided us the place where the construction for the monument was undergoing.
Actually this was an extending work for the monument.

According to his explanation, there was a serious combat action in this mountain and more than thousand South Korean solders had been killed in action by North Korean Army.

The oldman said that he was a witness of that combat.
He explained that one commander of South Korea Army committed suicide with his pistol after the defeat in the combat.
And his assistant continued to attack to North Korea Army which seized the only airport near Seoul. It was said that that officer had rode a military car with machine gun to the enemy alone.
It was a counter attack. But this counter attack failed and he was shot to death

At the war memorial monument, I could see the airport, the name of KimPo airport.

The story of suicide and counter attack would reminded me of a scene of cinema.

But Alas. After the combat, the bodies of South Korean solders were left out on the mountain.
He said that they could not have buried the bodies for several months.
Because South Korean Army retreated far way, so they could not be able to collect and bury the bodies. People near the combat place were afraid to be harmed by the North Korean Army, so they could not take care the bodies.

He told me after building a war memorial monument here, there would have not occurred some bad things.

Below was an original monument.

Korea is a small country. I didn’t know before there were so much tragic history in this small country. The oldman was a former city congressman and invited us in next years ceremony.

I don’t know it is coincidence that the combat place and Maitreya Buddha were in same place.

What did Maitreya Buddha think when they killed each other ?

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I really want to go there.

after reading through this, it is like I have been there for sometime, places like this that have a history of violence, hatred, and war are very much close to people's heart.

thank you
we may wish peace all over the world

Once a war took place, the people and the soldiers are the first to be hurt, hope the world is always peaceful and no war forever.

It would be nice if that was the case, the fact of the matter is that war is a moneymaker, and high corrupted individuals whether they're at the top stealing money hand-over-fist of prominent families such as the Rothschilds, to the Rockefellers, the Krupps, the Waltons, that list just goes on and on, your lower levels of corruption are the U.S. Military factions, bank institutions, fortune 500 companies / corporations, LOL I mean where could one start, just so much corruption, most of which is birthed from harsh wars which are designed to churn it the dollars for these sick bastards. :-/

It is too bad when I am hearing this kinds of conspiracy theory.
But in fact I could not but agree with this theory a little bit

Yes I really hope so.
But I am so worry on breaking a war on Korean Peninsular again due to North Korea Nuclear Issue.


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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This a great photography my friend..I appreciate to your of luck..Resteemit..

thank you so much buddy

Hello @slowwalker,

It is really interesting that people in Mitasa Temple are calling this Buddha "Maitreya". I saw different Thanks and Statues from this Buddha an is always sitting in a chair. Would be great if you can share with us some source that can explain the history of this Temple.

Thanks and all the best

thank you for comment.
there are sitting, standing and lying statues of Buddha.

Ok thanks,
Well I was just very interested, simply because it´s the first place I see exactly this one the buddha Maitreya in this form, it seems to me that he is already depicted a s a bodhisattva . So i'm quite chuffed studying this topic. :)

Hey slowwalker, nice Pictures! Thanks for the great content. :)

thank you for reading

Very interesting and great job, my friend, thank you !

thank you

Wow this looks amazing !


Good writing and great job my dear friend

thank you so much

Great story! The pictures are beautiful, enjoy your travel. Have a good day

thank you so much


That's a great post as always and I love your photos!

Thank you so much for your support!

oh my friend.
I am also learning a lot from you

wow it is nice to know the history of it..beautiful pictures :) thanks for sharing this

thank you so much

A very amazing history. And you also display a very beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker.

The Korean war is such a sad tragedy for both South and North Korea. Hopefully, there are no more war in near future...

beware comrades On this trip because this road is slippery as possible,
my friend there is a new post.
if there are friends visit.


It's unbelievable that the statue was buried so many years and it lock just great after a restoration work!
Korea, as you said, has a very tragic history and the present is problematic they are living a ugly "cold war"!!

thank you.
So I don't think history is progressing in some manner

Such a rich history, lucky of you to have met this old man :)


Nice to know about this, very interesting. Happy New Year to all! Peace to all of us.

May Peace all over the world

Good job Dear keep it Up. Wish u for good

thank you so much

Buddha was just a man he died like a man why you crazy people worship him as a god do you have a logic .Stones don't create anything that is fact.

he is not a god. I don't worship him.
I was born from Christian family.
I am just interested in Korean traditional history and legacy

very interesting

좋은글 잘보고 갑니다
얼마남지 않은 올해 마무리 잘하시구요
새해에도 멋지고 행복하길 기원합니다

새해 복 많이 받으세요

Great post there, keep up good work !

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thank you so much

Amazing Amazing post. I'm proud of you. Ride on... Upvoted and resteem

Kindly check out my art gallery

thank you

every events have reason.
this is buddhism tyeory^^


the journey is very much a hurdle of friends and there must be a hard effort

yes that's right

Thank you guys because because you have replied to my comments, and I feel very happy

Thank you guys because because you have replied to my comments, and I feel very happy

wow, I wanna go there, amazing shots :-)

you will like it

War,war and war.humans are battling with each other from the ancient times till now and nothing can stop it.

it is a sad story

Nice write up...keep it up

thank you so much

Hey !
if you like photography and if you are interested in seeing beautiful places, portraits and landscapes, feel free to follow me. I post everyday at least one picture and I explain the whole story about when I shot it, and also the place where I shot it. Each picture I post is mine and copyrighted :)
See an example here with a road in Nevada shot last year :)

good job !!!

Awesome and beautiful photos

thank you

I like the juxtaposition of the airport being built next to a place with such a melancholic history.



He would just think: stupid people I did not teach them to act in this way :O ... .. Thanks for your historical article, it was very interesting to read it! Greetings Lena

thank you Lena

It's a very wonderful story thank you for sharing with us @slowwalker

thank you for your visiting

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

What serenity and purity of spirit hug us when we visit the places of worship: mosque, synagogue and Temple Church.
Many places of worship that suffer in silence because of human conflicts. Thank you @slowwalker for focusing on this type of interesting theme

thank you for your warm word

it seems his statue is very old, about how many years his age friends, I am glad to get to know the culture of korea

thank you for your interest

You are wel 😍

Awesome photos........
And awesome blog with great Information

thank u so much

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thank you.
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미타사에 가셨군요
스팀잇을 어찌해야 할지 마음이 아픕니다.
저도 영어로 포스팅을 할수 있으면 얼나나 좋을까요
공부 열심히 할걸 그랬습니다.

그냥 지금처럼 하시면 되지 않을까요.
천천히가 답이라고 생각합니다

다시는 한반도에 그런 비극적인 일이 안 일어났으면 좋겠습니다.

마음과 지혜를 모아야 겠지요

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A very interesting historical story to read, thank you very much @slowwalker

thank you for visiting and comment

Wow beautiful places

thank you

한국을 열심히 알리고 계셔서 감사합니다.
저도 영어로 홍보해봐야겠어요
아쟛~ 가즈앗

같이 노력해보시지요
덕분에 영어 공부 더 하게됩니다. ㅎㅎ

This is awesome.

thank you

It's always interesting to see history of your country!

likewise other countries, Korea has been through harsh history

thank you, good posting
현재 저는 미타사 근처에 살고 있습니다.
미륵불의 불상이 세워진 곳이 한국에는 여러곳이 있지만,
미타사의 미륵불은 갓을 쓴 미룩불의 특성을 가지고 있지요.

This truely is a place where you can discover the beautiful and the ugly sides of the medal of history. The Buddha statue which represents the positive, grateful and enlightened side and the combat which represents the opposite. What a great chance to experience this country by listening to the old man! This place and it's history must be so special!

So much to learn, so much history to discover. Absolutely beautiful

Wow great photography and this your historical post..I like this post..Carry on my friend ...

thank you so much

very nice photos

wow it is nice to know the history of it..beautiful pictures :) thanks for sharing this

thank you so much

No more wars

you know this is so amazing i loved pictures and i hope you will like my pictures too just chack thanks