Comparative Looking At The Roof Ending Tiles Between Shilla And BaekJe

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While arranging the photos I took in Gyeongju in last week, I reminded my memory of the photos I had took 2 years ago in Ik san city, south west of Korea, where was the cultural center of Baek Je Dynasty.

Not many relics of Baek Je dynasty were preserved. That is the fate of conquered kingdom.
Baek je was no exception from the miserable destiny of collapsed country.

The most saddest thing of the collapsed kingdom was being forgotten in history.

Once glorious palace and beautiful buildings had been destroyed by the conquerer.
Nothing was left.

We can see such cases in many countries.

While I was wandering around the museum in Gyeonju national museum, I could notice the roof ending tiles of Shilla dynasty.

The style of Shilla dynasty looked like different from that of Baek Je dynasty.

As I once posted, there were 3 kingdoms in Korean peninsula and Manchuria.
Below is an approximate map of 3 kingdom area of 1800 years ago.


The biggest was Goguryeo which was located in Manchuria and Northern part of Korean peninsular.
The name of Korea is believed to be originated from Goruryeo.

Baek Je Dynasty deviated from Goguryeo Kingdom and had built Back Je dynasty in south western part of Korean Peninsular.

Shilla had been built from local chiefdom located in south eastern part of Korean Peninsula.
Origin of Shill dynasty is no certain. One thing certain is the tribes composed Shilla was nomadic and came from Northern area.

There was a Gaya civilization which was located Between Shilla and Baek Je dynasty.
Gaya had a very advanced civilization, they had the iron technology.
But they were absorbed by Shilla and Back Je dinasty.

As looking at the roof tiles of 2 kingdoms, an idea arose to me to comparing the roof tiles of Shilla and Back Je.

So I asked my friend who was a professional in Archeology, he answered me there was a difference between the roof tiles of 3 kingdoms.

Actually the roof tiles of Goguryeo were the most powerful warrior style. And that of Shilla was a mescaline style. Back Je had a feminine and an elegant style.

I don’t have any photos of Goguryeo roof tiles, so I could compare only Shilla and Back Je roof tile.

Here the roof tile is the end part of the eaves. There was an ending roof tile which decorate ending part of the eaves in traditional architecture.

Then let’s look at the ending roof tiles.

At first, Below are the tiles of Shilla dynasty.







Next are the Baek Je tiles.







At first, I couldn’t notice the difference my friend told.
But as looking at those piles little longer, it seems there is slight difference between them.

How about your opinion ?
Do you recognize the difference of cultural tendency between Baek Je and Shilla ?

Thank you for reading.

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The roof ending tiles of both dynasties are quite elegantly made with a slight variation of design but in the Shilla dynasty design shows a flowery design while in Baek Je the design is with its stunning warrior-style design of a beast which is very beautiful too. @slowwalker

Great analysis bro. thank you for this great knowledgeable comment. @cryptopie

Really ?
Thank you.
Let me tell your opinion to my friend

Very Nice Posting ^^;

Amazing work of art indeed. Korea has many places of interest and great art works ...a good place to visit indeed..good food too. Thanks for sharing my dear @slowwalker ..I like the daily history lessons...upped, always. Today, I posted about steemit issue with regard to reward pool rape and whale war, feel free to see it. Happy weekend.

Thank you so much

it was incredible. has the highest historical value. you are great

Nice post
i just followed you

It's a relic of ancient times. I never saw that

Your posts are amazing. I am amazed at you

I am very happy to read about your post @selowwalker. History needs to be learned. Good post upvote and resteem

So informative! 이렇게 한국의 역사를 영어로 설명해놓으신 게 대단해요!

Nice photographs ..
Talk more of the epoch..
Nice post

At first glance, the pattern on the tile in Baekje seems to be more inferior.
But I wonder if there is a time difference between the relics of the two dynasties.
Thank you for sharing the information.

Thank you so much

nicely has done and the nice way to tell all the information awesome


It's a very informative historical post.Thanks for letting us know about this important part of korean history. I had no idea about Baek Je dynasty this is totally new to me.Thanks for sharing this post.I always try to follow your post.@resteemed

Thank you for reading
someday I'd like to introduce on Baek Je dynasty

Thank you for posting @slowwalker, nim this historial article and interesting artistic photographs.

Thank you for opportunity to think on these things.

As a result of studying the photographs of the pieces of roof end tiles.....a couple of very small differences.... may be the colour preference of the two time periods as the Baek Je favours the darker.....and the difference in the attention to detail being stronger in the Shilla.....perhaps.

Looking forward to hearing what your friend had to say.

Wishing you and your family all the best.


In my opinion, colors were not so different each other.
The tiles were made in the furnace both Baek je and shilla.
I will ask my friend
Thank you

Korea is a historical country many many lovely places of interest and notable art works .An amazing vicinity to go to certainly.Desirable meals too. Thanks for sharing on steem plateform.good job keep it up

Thank you for reading

slowwalker (74) well come

Very nice post, please give me about the procedures to be professional stamians, I am very happy if you want to give me upvote in every post I, for your willingness and time I thank you. Signed. @zayanfaruk

Well i do believe that these tiles are the essence of Korean Culture but this is also so true that conqueror always destroyed the monuments of the occupied region, Alas!

Actually the roof tiles of Goguryeo were the most powerful warrior style. And that of Shilla was a mescaline style. Back Je had a feminine and an elegant style.

Yes,i felt a little bit difference among the tiles of both region, In #Shilla tiles i found that they used to love animals that is why they sketched them in the tiles while #Baek_Je tiles did not show any animals sketches in the tiles, am i true my friend @slowwalker ?

Your have razor eyes.
I didn't notice that.

every kingdom has a story and an important role for the king, the kingdom also has an enemy in to get a prosperous kingdom, success for @slowwalker and interesting stories

Nice post sir

Beakje was known as Kudara to the Japanese and after the fall of Beakje refugees settled near present day Nara (Japan) and founded a town called Koryo which still exists to day.

Silla on the other hand was not directly related to either Beakje or Gogoryeo. It is indigenous to the Korean peninsula. However, over time they did share close cultural and familial ties particularly with Beakje.

The people of Korea today are mostly descended from Silla, hence why there are so many people with the surname Kim and Pak.

Goryeo surnames like Go and Hae and Yeon are not as common in modern Korean society although they do still exist so it is fair to say that modern Koreans are descended from all 3 kingdoms.

Interesting story.
It is believed that Ancient Japanese had had very close relationship with Baek Je.
Family names of today seem to have not so close relations with 3 Kingdom area.
Family name in Korea was widely accepted in approximately 8 century.

That's a little difference.

Great post @slowwalker.. I am interested to read it. An interesting historical story. I vote and follow you..

very harpy to read your nice post

this is a science new to me, thank you have to share science,

Nice photographs ..
Talk more of the epoch..
Nice post

Very nice post These are ethical products. Such posts remind us of our history. So in my opinion this is a very important post my friend

Nice post

Incredible art @slowwalker

Interesting post @slowwalker is a lot of stories in the past that is currently forgotten ..
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Wow,great historical fact about korean people and monarchy. Yes friend it is history which reflects our culture and tradition .Our country india has also much historical facts.Your post has the great historical value,I like the tiles of Shilla dynasty as these look so hard and solid than the baek je tiles.Any way thanks for the great post from which I have come to know much about your country.Thanks for reply of my earlier comments,I am expecting the reply of this too.wish you good luck and good health.

Thank you for reading.
India is a birth place of human civilization.
I'd like to visit asap

Most welcome dear,your presence will make my land more beautiful and alive.By the way ,when will you visit here.I don't know much about korea ,will you please like to share with me?About your country,people,erc.Now i find that steemit community is very wonderful one,where we can meet beautiful people like you.

It is so nice to know the untold stories hidden among the past walls of the forgotten history..thank you for enlightening us on this :) i always love to read your posts since i get the chance to explore the world through them

wow thats a nice post

Good.. i like it, thanks for sharing

신라것의 무늬가 참 정교하네요
특히 첫번째있는 사진의 꽃잎 표현법은 요즘도
저렇게 만들기 힘들텐데요 ㅎㅎ

@slowwalker amazing post , thank u so much

very nice pic

very nice photo

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History and archeology related,they depends on each other. I love history. You just clicked some great historical photos. Keep it up. Happy steeming.

Thank you for dropping by

As the Korean, I am suprised at your writing whenever I read your article. It is diffult thing to explain in Korean. Anyway, I follow you and enjoy your writing. It's always refresh to read korea history in english

Thank you so much.
I know my english is so...
But I think introducing Korean history and culture as a my job after the retirement

wow very nice design its very beautiful & pretty

Concave antefix, Silla. Convex antefix, BaekJe Period. Answer and help :)

I have put many a roof on a building, it's hard work. It takes some skill to be a roofer no matter what country you are in.

interesting postings, beautiful photography about dynasties, articles are very good.

U r great dear... i just love to see ur long history 😍

Beautiful comparative and good friends

I think Shilla culture is influenced by Chinese culture and Baek Je culture is more influenced by japan..., maybe this could be from some readings I read from the history of these two dynasties..., is it true @slowwalker

Really amazing. I follow you, follow me!

Thank you for this sharing it will help my educational mind to think what is Korean culture and beauties.

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posting unique images, @slowwalker

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Thank u a lot! I am positive about it

clearly there is a difference between his two,
whether the painting has its own meaning for the people of korea ??

Basically religious meaning in my opinion.
Mainly lotus leaf was carved there.

you made me learn more about the history of shilla and Baek Je . thanks for your post .

Shilla Dynasty has an interesting history. The Goguryeo area is massive, it shows how strongly they were rooted. The flower designs, each one of them have different designs on the petals. Also the last one I see there is a Aum symbol in the centre I wonder on that part

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Thank you for sharing as many of us will not have an opportunity to see these in person.

I appreciate being able enjoy other culture's history and art.

Very good your publications. Greetings.

I like

여러 번 사진을 봤는데 차이를 잘 모르겠어요 보팅합니다

To be honest, I have not yet learned to see the difference between all these shingles.

I`m very impressed in your insight of ancient korean history.