2 Pagodas in Bulguksa Temple; The Masterpiece in Shilla Dynasty After Unification and It's Sad Myth.

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The most important and beautiful cultural assets in Bulguksa temple look like the pagodas in front of main praying building, Dae Woong Jeon(大雄殿).

Two pagodas are Dabotap(多寶塔) and Seokgatap(釋迦塔)
The meaning of Dabo is ‘many jewelries’. Seokga is the name of Buddha, the pronunciation of which was changed while being translated in Chinese language.
Tap is a tower.

Chinese pronunciation is different from Korea. Naturally Indian pronunciation was changed twice ,in China and in Korea
Finally Shakyamuni became ‘Seokgamoni’ in Korean.

There was some figurative speaking when it comes to these 2 pagodas for long time ago.
Two pagodas were usually compared with man and woman.
Dabotap was likened to a woman, and Seokgatap was likened to a man.


As seeing the photos ,you may understand the reason why.
Dabotap looks very splendid and delicate.
In other hands, Seokgatap looks so simple and in temperance.

At first, let’s look at Dabotap in detail






As you see, this pagoda is well balanced as a whole.

Next one is Seokgatap.
Many specialist evaluated the Seokgatap showed better than Dabotap in showing Korean beauty.
To explain this point of view, I need to show you more photos on Seokgatap



But regretfully I didn’t take the photos in detail on Seokgatap.
I could not understand myself why I didn’t.
More over, the color of photos seemed not so natural
I think I have to visit Bulguksa once more to take photos more in detail.

Here, I’d like to introduce the myth when is comes to Seokgatap.
As I told, Seokgatap was made by the ston mason who lived in Baek Jae Area.
His name was ‘Asadal'. He had a loving beautiful wife ‘Asanyeo’.
Asadal was the most skillful mason, so he was sent to Gyeongju leaving Asanyeo at home.

It had took for long time to making a tower.
Asanyeo truly wanted to see her husband, so she went to Gyeongju from Baek Jae Area on foot.

Finally she arrived at and asked to meet her husband.
But her request was rejected.

At that time, women never enter into the Holy place.
She was told to wait for the job ending.
“When the work is over, the shadow of tower will be reflected on the surface of the pond.”

She had waited for a long time.
But she could not see the shadow at the pond.
She was frustrated and jumped into the pond.

Soon after her death, Asadal finished his work and ran to the lake.
There he just found her body, he gave way to despair.
Finally he jumped into the lake like his wife.

Later people named Seokgatap ‘Muyoungtap(無影塔)’ meaning of ‘No Shadow pagoda’

There is a sad myth behind this tower.

When you visit Bulguksa, please pray for Asadal and Asanyeo.

A pond could be the pond near the front gate.
I referred this pond in previous positing.


Thank you for reading.


Beautiful historic place but look so quiet. To me Seokgatap looks sad, lonely, but decent too. It feels as if it has so many secrets within itself.

Beautiful pictures as usual. Very interesting.

Thanks for the pictures and history. Looks like very few visitors.

You probably didn't see my first comment @slowwalker
I think this information can be very helpful for you, so I hijacked the first comment. Sorry! :)

You can do a lot with Photoshop or Lightroom in post, when the overall lightning and sharpness is good enough. Especially with white balance. I added 2 rough examples I made.



Thank you so much
It looks much better

Awesome pics. I'm sure they can't do the views justice though

Wow, that really pops LOL.

You computer people amaze me lol

I totally agree with you....

It's a unique historical place throughout the world. Thanks for sharing this incredible picture .

thank you for dropping by

This temple really looks good. I am sure you had great time there and felt calm and peace. That usually happens to me.
You know what, the way you didn't click so much pictures and now you are asking to yourself why didn't you do that? That happened to me too yesterday.I was attending my friends wedding and I wanted to click pictures and make vlog but I didn't because I didn't want to lose the essence of that moment.Might be that had happened to you.

beautiful and interesting photos!

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

Amazing structures, it must have taken a really long time to build all of these amazing places. I hope to see them in person some day. Thank you for sharing @slowwalker

I hope your dream come true.

How can know the Chinese name?

Wow wonderful I had learnt about this Bulguksa Temple but after seeing this beautiful photography I am really impressed

I am not a good photographer.
If you see in y our eyes, You will like it much

I mostly like history but when history is explained in pictures like this it is an awsome work

Beautiful temples and I like that lake with a little island in the center that's awe inspiring.

No, I am not.
I am close to the Christianity

oh. I am very happy today.
because you reply to my comments.
this becomes the best moment for me.
Thank you for your time.

Beautiful picture and very touching story. Sad they had to kill themselves. What is the aura of the temple like? is it sad or haunted?

It is just a myth.
It looked great

express gratitude you for not single allocation the photos, but for telling and clearing up accordingly well.
I be keen on chinese history and culture, I imagine its calorific in atmosphere and the last buildings are as you give away masterpieces.
The list and craftsmanship is splendid.

Thank you for your comment

Very interesting! South Korea is a nice country

Thank you.
I never've been to Brazil.
But I love Brazil. Pele was my idol in my Childhood.

Oh hahaha In spite of you all have seen nowadays about us, there are some hospitable and happy people, and, of course, beutiful places!

Very good post ... and I really like the picture of a beautiful and sturdy building.
Culture and history are very important for life because that determines the identity of the nation

The architecture of this pagoda is especially cool. Its cultural and chronological attach importance to improve to the beauty and pastime to go to it. confidently one day I know how to appointment here. appreciation for [email protected] preeminent Regards..

Me gustan tus post 😎

itu merupakan peninggalan yang populer di Asia.
artikel yang sangat bagus

Your post was very nice, which I liked very much, thank you for posting it.

whatever happens in the past that this pagoda definitely symbolizes a culture that is very thick of the familiarity and beauty that can be seen in the present

This beautiful
I may not know much about it
But it's awesome

Post is very good my [email protected] my blog friend.l like your post

Do u get all this information by internet or by yourself?

I got this information by all means possible

Great! keep it up. :)

this is fascinating :) for a person who never left Europe, even photos mean incredibly much, so thank you for sharing!

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realy great history and photography.great job.

Thank you for the excellent article. I really liked it. This building looks very beautiful.

Спасибо за отличную статью. Мне очень понравилось. Это строение выглядит очень красивым.

Nice shots, thanks for covering a place I'll probably never have the pleasure of visiting in person.

Looks really nice!
Please check my new posts out! :)

The architecture of this pagoda is very cool. Its cultural and historical value add to the beauty and interest to visit it. Hopefully one day I can visit here. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker. Best Regards..

you will like this place

Good post....great picture.....

Indeed it is really splendid and dedicated

Thanks for sharing dear

Beautiful pics

Nice Pic. I like that..

I love your blog, I am an architecture student and thanks to you I can travel and get to know a new culture with a different and very marked infrastructure.

oh you are specialist
Thank you for dropping by

Great ! l like your post.

interesting story, and become history for people, success make @slowwalker

thanks for your post very good

Very nice and interesting post! Thank you!:)

Beautiful photography!! Thank you

I am sure you are a basically archaeologist-photographer reason is you exactly write what did you capture through your camera lens. Yes, your content and photography has a very deep link with each others. I often visit many other photographic blogs but many fail to describe their pictures in detail. As i mentioned in my previous comment on your blog that i am a student of cultural studies and Cultural Aspects always attract me. Thanks a lot for throwing a deep light on the historic temple "Bulguksa Temple", WONDERFUL STUFF

Stay Blessed @slowwalker :)

Thank you for your comment

You are more than welcome :-)

That's pretty cool to know thanks for the tips by the way, have a nice..

If you look closely - you really can see, that one pagoda is similar to a woman, the second to a man. I like the way you talk about it. I feel like I myself visited this amazing place! Thank You!

Thank you so much for this excursion @slowwalker! It's really great that Korean take so much care about their Temples. Unfortunately, in China its not always same.. I would be happy to see more photos of Seokgatap!

Thank you so much

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A very, very beautiful for me, I was very fond of her picture @slowwalker

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@slowwalkwer I love the history and the architecture post u make

this pool is very beautiful if we look, beautiful post.

The architecture you are sharing is very very beautiful, but I love the story that comes with it! It's sad, but beautiful. Thanks for sharing :-)

Mesmerizing pictures.Great article.

Thank you for not only sharing the photos, but for describing and explaining so well.
I love chinese history and culture, I think its rich in character and the old buildings are as you say masterpieces.
The detail and craftsmanship is splendid.

Thank you so much
We can talk each other about culture between Korea and China.
I'd like to have some opportunity to post about the culture among Korea, Japan and Korea

I can only read with the help of google translate and can not comment because it has no knowledge. thank you for sharing.

원작자님에게 여쭤보지 않고 저도 영어로 글을 쓰기 시작했네요. 혹여 기분나쁘실 수 있을 것 같아 말씀 및 양해부탁드립니다. ^^;;

Korea is also a country with history.
Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changgyeonggyeong Palace, and Changdeok Palace

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Each place certainly has its own history and beauty, unique and unparalleled. I am always grateful to see this beauty even in a distant country. Because the current technology can deliver it even longing.

Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day!

Thanks to technology. lol

These are all amazing structured. So precise and clean. Would love to have these of my own. One of my favorite cultures.

realy nice photography.great work.

It is beautiful

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful

Sad myth story about Seokgatap. But very nice post as always! Such a good read.

always seemed to me a very interesting and ancestral culture, very good post, beautiful photographs!

Each country has its own history. Thank you for sharing this. Excellent landscapes very good information.

this type of buildings were built for religious purposes, capable of withstanding strong earthquakes. impressive everything wonderful that can go hand in hand. very good photos ... I hope you continue sharing these energetic wonders.

So much to absorb I will read abain to make sure I get full enjoyment. I want to understand what the story teaches me.

In addition I want to thank you for your recent visit to my site and your much appreciated vote and generous support of the fire truck post.

Both are beautiful, but I also like the man more :)

There is a amazing secret behind these 2 historical pagodas in Bulguksa temple. I heard this history first time and liked it. Thankfully to (slowalker)

Really good 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

please follow

please follow

wow ... the building is steady, every eye that looks definitely fascinated.thanks @slowwalker

Very outstanding historical.Asadal and Asanyeo love is awesome with both of them exhibited an uncommon love.Wish I can visit the place and learn about true love.My prayers are with them.

Woooow, these pics are soooo beautiful! I love it

Nice History and the post.
Thanks for sharing

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nice post.good job.

Wow gambar yang sangat indah

좋은 글 감사합니다.

Thank you for the excellent photo and article. I really liked it.

You has documented the story into writing. it would be very fascinating if you can tell the story of mythology of the tower in different post.

What a good article.
I learned a lot about new things because I do not know very well the history of the Asian region.
Thank you.

Someday. I want going to this palace. I hope it.

Astounding structures, it more likely than not set aside an extremely long opportunity to fabricate these stunning spots. great I had learn about this Bulguksa Temple yet in the wake of seeing this wonderful photography I am extremely inspired

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It's a very interesting place. I want to add this location on my trip list.! thanks for sharing with us this amazing photos

if you visit Bulguksa, you will never regret

this post is a very beautifull and your photographoy look amazing..i am really impressed for your post history.

Lovely, looks a nice place to relax and contemplate life

good shot. good contents!!!!!

Thank for sharing. beautiful place and nice history

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