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RE: The Templars and Hospitallers: backbones of the Latin cause in Palestine?

in #history4 years ago

As usual a very enjoyable post. Really a shame I only got to it now, but at least I got to it. Will you be doing a post on the fall of the Templars or go into more focus on one of the other orders like the Teutonic? When people talk about warrior-monks we usually end up thinking about the Shaolin and not about the orders like the Templars.


Thank you for you appreciation. :)

I know there are so many interesting topics spinning out from this, but I am realising that I don't have the access to scholarly works like I did while at Uni, so I am going to have to find ways of sourcing reference material to read.

I do like getting into topics that are not so 'mainstream' so looking at the Teutonic order instead of the Templars does appeal to me. :)

I find it just as frustrating to know about the vast amount of scholarly works out there and not having access just because you are not in Uni anymore.

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