Castle of Neuschwanstein

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One of the most beautiful castles in the world and the most mysterious and magical ..

Have you ever heard the story of the "sleeping princess"? .. That Princess Belle, which has become one of the witch curse evil made her sleep in the castle of her father the king for a hundred years waiting for the arrival of a brave prince wake her from lying with a hot kiss! . It's a great story that turned into a Walt Disney movie in the 1950s. Due to the great success of the film, the Sleeping Princess Castle has become a distinctive icon of the Walt Disney Resorts around the world. But despite its vast reputation, most people do not know that the castle is not entirely imaginative; it is a modified version of a real German castle whose story is no stranger to the story of the sleeping princess.

The construction of the castle of Neuschwanstein dates back to the 19th century and is one of the signs of creativity and architectural nobility. Once you have it up, it stands high above the high green slopes until you feel you are standing at the threshold of a mythical world full of strange creatures and superstitious creatures. Due to the beauty of this scene, millions of people from all over the world flock to the castle every year, not in search of the sleeping princess of course, but for the magic and beauty created by the imagination of a young dreamer.

Let's go back to the beginning of the story. One sunny morning in August 1845, when the bells rang out, the celebrations were held in the Bavarian kingdom because the king Maximilian II gave birth to a male born to be his crown prince. The king named his son Ludwig after his grandfather.

The Vetelsbach family, of which the Bavarian kings belonged, was one of the oldest European royal families, but this family was marked by a different aspect of the tradition. The family crown was soon revealed to the little crown prince. Everyone noticed that he was a fantasy man who lived in his own world. He loved playing alone and dressed in cavalry with his wooden sword, the giant oak trunks scattered around the Hohenchwen castle, where the royal family used to spend the summer there.

The Prince's wide-ranging imagination and dismay was of concern to his father, the king, who tried to correct the matter by appointing the best teachers for his son and subjecting him to a strict breeding system. But without interest, the prince was keen to isolate him, even his relationship with his parents was not close, one time the ministers insisted on the king to accompany his teenage son in his tours to teach the rules of governance, the King protested: "But what will I say to him? Listening to what others are saying. "

Prince Ludwig was not crazy, but his interests and social tendencies were not suited to a king, he did not like politics and court sessions. His interest was in other things such as his great music, especially opera parties and epic stories in which he found an outlet for his dreamy spirit. As a lover of art, fashion and poetry, the mythological epic is echoing passionately in moonlit sessions with his handsome friend Prince Paul, who has been rumored about the nature of their relationship, rumors that will chase Prince Ludwig for the rest of his life. He never married and did not take a mistress as kings usually do. His wife's relations were limited to a short sermon by his cousin Princess Sophie, but he quickly broke off the betrothal and brought him close friendship with his other cousin, Princess Elizabeth, who later became the Empress of Austria. Otherwise, the king was not inclined to women.

The Crown Prince was not ready to take over when they installed him on the throne and crowned Ludwig II in 1864 after his father's sudden death and health. The new king had no knowledge or political experience, he himself spoke of it: "I became a king very early, I was still learning, I had started a good start with my studies of the laws of the Kingdom ... but suddenly they took me out of my books and sat me on the throne. In fact I'm still trying to learn. "

Despite his little experience, Ludwig was loved by his people because he was a young man. He did not get out of public conversation during his travels around the country, and he was generous to the simple and the poor. But unlike his good relationship with the people, the king's relationship with his government was not the same as the heat. He hated government meetings and the tiles and spent only short periods in the capital of his own monarch. In 1866, his alliance with Austria collapsed after their armies were defeated by Russia. The Bavarian kingdom was completely under the control of Prussia, which was then called the Iron Chancellor Bismarck, who was determined to unify the nation. German . They soon forced the young king to sign a treaty under which Bavaria would become part of the nascent German empire under the rule of his uncle Wilhelm I. It is true that Bavaria retained its government, parliament and its own army within a unified Germany, but lost its independence, which bothered King Ludwig so much that he lost his interest in politics and the affairs of the court and no longer meets his government except on special occasions such as the opening of parliament or the formation of the new ministry , He built a huge opera theater in Munich and presented it to his favorite musician Richard Wagner, who had great prestige with the king.

The king took all his interest in the building and spent a lot of money on his construction projects. He built theaters and palaces, and founded large fortresses and fortresses. The most famous of these was the Castle of Neuschwanstein, a castle he dreamed of building from a young boy.

The castle of Neuschwanstein is 800 meters high. The young king built it in 1868 according to a model of architecture known as the Romanesque and Gothic, a style that prevailed in medieval Europe, with the addition of charming touches inspired by the Wagner music and characters of his plays

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