A hundred years ago - 8/4/1922

in #history2 years ago

Hi Friends,

every day I will try to provide the most important events of the day a hundred years ago.
If I forgot something that should be mentioned, let me know.
Have a great day.



  • In Leipzig, an international student conference begins (until 10.4.).It is u.a. decided to introduce an international student card.

  • The Badische Anilin and Sodafabrik donates the municipal tram from Mannheim 100 000 marks to ensure the maintenance of local traffic.

  • In Berlin, the Prussian Landesbühnen GmbH is founded.It has the task of summarizing the non-profit theater maintenance in prussia and to carry out a new regulation of the country theater system.The foundation is due to the suggestion of the Budget Committee in the Prussian House of Representatives.

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