A hundred years ago - 7/4/1922

in #history2 years ago

Hi Friends,

every day I will try to provide the most important events of the day a hundred years ago.
If I forgot something that should be mentioned, let me know.
Have a great day.



  • Reichstag President Paul Löbe (MSPD) submits an application for a remedy of newspaper NOT before the Reichstag.

  • In the "Breslauer's wake up", the leader of the Bavarian Social Democrats, Erhard Auer, pleads for a reorganization of the German Reich.He proposes that, according to his view to large land Prussia, split into several states, so that a policy equal to all countries is possible.

  • At the request of the Budget Committee, the Reichstag deputies discuss whether a civil servant is suitable for the state service with an illegitimate child.Parliament is no agreement.

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