Tram in Kolkata India

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Kolkata is the main Indian City, having an operational cable car(Tram) organize. The main Electric cable car in Asia kept running in Kolkata in 1902, among Esplanade and Kidderpore. The historical backdrop of cable cars, one of the cleanest and most condition well disposed methods of transport, returns to 1807 when the main pony driven cable cars began running in the U.K.



Cable cars have been personally connected with the history and way of life of Kolkata and have been depicted on numerous occasions in pop culture.

CTC(The Calcutta Tramways Company Limited), which was enrolled in 1880 as an organization in London, was assumed control by Government of West Bengal in 1967. Current cable cars are the result of advancement of innovation and structure. The autos step by step advanced with time. In 2013, CTC acquired cooled cable car autos.


Tram in Kolkata



Cable cars are being exhibited in numerous local and in addition national plugs and motion pictures. Individuals feel that city streets without cable cars will be a lake without delightful fish. All the more vitally, individuals utilized in making cable cars run are likewise frightened about their future.

Conversing with a quinquagenarian cable car driver wearing a 'khakhi' uniform, Raj, who ventures out every day from Madhyamgram to drive the cable car on the Sealdah – Bidhannagar extend was energized when we went up to converse with him. Raj, who is driving cable cars since the age of 20, says, "There are no particular cable car stops and individuals rarely board cable cars nowadays as per them. Individuals who drive different vehicles, regularly misuse us since cable car speed is moderate. In this quick paced world there is the wrong spot for anything moderate, regardless of how safe cable cars are. They never need to appreciate the less difficult things throughout everyday life."


1920s double-decker tram in Mumbai


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@sbanerjee0017 A good history story and lots of information can be obtained from this post, thank you for sharing.

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Very interesting post with photos about the history of the tram in India
Here in Russia, the first trams are called horses. These tram cars initially moved with a half power of horses. With the development of electricity, trams began to appear on the electric driv.

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