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Michael Madhusudan Dutta (25 January 1824 – 29 June 1873)

Indian poet and dramatist, the first great poet of modern Bengali literature.


Around 1833, Dutt and his Hindu guardians moved to Calcutta where his dad's prosperity empowered him to give his child a decent instruction. The youthful Dutt entered a universe of culture and discussion. He started his own composition vocation and built up an affection for English writing and an aching to visit Britain. Towards the finish of 1842 he was frightened when his folks started to design an organized marriage for him, pronouncing 'I wish (Oh! I truly wish) that someone would hang me!' Shortly thereafter, Dutt changed over to Christianity, conceivably persuaded in any event to some degree by a desire to avoid the marriage.


(1817 - 1855) Presidency University, Kolkata, formerly known as Hindu College and Presidency College

Dutt absolution 1843 trimmed
Dutt's absolution at the Old Church, Fort William, 09 Feb 1843
IOR/N/1/64 f.101


Obliged to leave Hindu College after his change, he proceeded with his investigations at Bishop's College, still upheld by his folks, however tragically a fracture later created among him and his dad. In December 1847 he cleared out Calcutta for Madras where he attempted to discover work until the dad of Charles Eggbert Kennet, an old companion from Bishop's College, helped him to get a post instructing at the Madras Orphan Asylum. Matured twenty-four, in 1848 Dutt wedded multi year old Rebecca Thompson from the Madras Female Orphan Asylum. Today, a connection between an instructor and an understudy would be viewed as shocking, yet early marriage was then considered altogether good for young ladies, for example, Rebecca. The Kennet family appear to have stayed on great terms with the youthful Dutts as they show up as observers to the immersion of their little girl Bertha Blanche Kennet Dutt. Their counterparts were substantially more worried by the way that Dutt, an Indian man, was wedding a young lady of British drop, as this was conceivably the first occasion when this was known to have occurred.

BL-BIND-005137759-00313 trimmed
Bertha Blanche Kennet Dutt's absolution at St Mark's Church, Madras (Black Town), 15 Nov 1849
IOR/N/2/C/2 f.130

Dutt and Rebecca had four kids together, however when he came back to Calcutta after his dad's demise in 1855, he cleared out her and began another existence with another European woman, Henrietta Sophia White. At long last accomplishing his fantasy of considering law in England, he was called to the bar in London however he and Henrietta invested much energy in France. They in the end passed on inside a couple of days of one another in Calcutta in 1873. I don't recognize what was the fate of the tragic Rebecca and her youngsters.

The watercolor of Michael Madhusudan Dutt is in plain view in Connecting Stories: Our British Asian Heritage, a presentation at the Library of Birmingham until 04 November. The presentation and network commitment are an organization between the British Library and the Library of Birmingham. They have been liberally upheld by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Points of interest of opening hours and occasions are on the Library of Birmingham site.

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It is very pleasant to learn how in India they keep memories of the great people of the early eras. Moreover, this information is obtained from the first hands of people who set forth the events of that time fairly accurately and objectively.

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