Indian Rail Train 20

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After Train 18, Indian Railways centers around the cutting edge Train 20 that'll supplant Rajdhani


After the effective take off of the fast Train 18, Indian Railways will now turn its attention on Train 20.

Train 20, the cutting edge sleeper class prepares that will supplant the Rajdhani Express prepares on the system, is relied upon to be taken off by 2020.

Here are some key things to think about Train 20.

1. The fast prepare is being produced in the Make in India program.

2. Train 20, will be produced at the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai INDIA.

3. Train 20, which will supplant the Rajdhani Express prepares, will remain consistent with its name and be propelled in 2020.

4. Train 20, will have an aluminum body. Till now, Indian Railways made utilization of steel to fabricate its mentors.

5. The completely cooled prepare, driven by a self-impetus module, has the capability of turning into the nation's quickest prepare.

6. The motor less Train 20 will be a fast prepare set, fit for achieving a most extreme speed of 160 kmph.

7. Fitted with CCTV cameras, Train 20 will have diffused lighting, programmed entryways and strides, other than a GPS-based traveler data framework.

8. Not at all like the AC seat auto, Train 20 will have cutting edge sleeper autos.


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There is not much time left and this train will appear on the railways of India. The appearance is very beautiful, the designers have worked well to smooth out all the bumps that affect the speed of the train. Inside is very comfortable. The creators of this train are trying to create maximum comfort for passengers.

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I expect this new train 20 come on the ground soon. Train transport needs revolutionary changes as other countries are away ahead in this. We must become advanced with World class train infrastructure so that can match the level in the world

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