The Defining Breakthroughs of Human History

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In the past century, we have made a lot of progress. Since technology advances exponentially, that progress was more than we have ever done before.

So much is happening right now that in the coming century, the world will have changed ten times over. That is why we cannot stop talking about all the cool new technologies that are being developed right now.

Therefore, we seldom stop and think about all the things we have already achieved and the breakthroughs that we have made ever since we were cave dwelling people, that have become the defining moments of our history.

Today, let’s talk about these breakthroughs that have all contributed in helping us reach where we are today.

1. Controlled Use of Fire


The earliest evidence of controlled use of fire by the early human species dates back to around 600,000 years. Claims are made for even older use but no definitive evidence has been found.

The ability to control fire must have sparked a new era of innovation in those days. Imagine the awe of the first early human who realised that fire could be controlled and used for so many different purposes.

It helped the early human species the ability to cook food, stay warmer at night, protect themselves from wild predators, spread to colder regions of the planet initiating our global expansion.

2. Invention of the Wheel


Wheels are something that we use everywhere today and they are so common that we hardly give them any thought. Can you even imagine what life was like in a world that had no wheels?

Well, you would be surprised to know that the invention of the wheel only happened around 3500 BC. By that time we had already started making metal alloys, sailboats and even designing musical instruments. So, compared to others, the invention of the wheel was a fairly recent one and we had had to make do without them for quite a long time.

The wheel’s invention sparked an entirely new era of human transportation and helped trade flourish between the many, many civilisations of the world. Just think about it, without a wheel, you wouldn’t have a car, a bike or even an airplane!

3. The Printing Press


Today, we proudly say that we are living in the information age where anything we want to know about can be accessed right in the palm of our hands through our smartphones. One could say that information has become the backbone of our civilisation.

Therefore it is difficult to imagine a time when that was not possible. In fact, before Gutenberg introduced printing in Europe, which kickstarted a printing revolution, information must have been really hard to get. That is why the printing press is regarded as the most important invention of the second millennium.

Printing, though modernised, is still very much in use today and it is only now that we are beginning to go paperless in some areas of our activities. Imagine a world where you couldn’t print! Science surely couldn’t have advanced so fast.

4. Electricity


This one is just a no brainer. Most of the things that we do today requires electricity. The whole world runs on computers which require electricity. Without it, all the smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices would be just useless. Such a world is simply unimaginable to today’s generation.

And yet, it was not too long ago that we had no concept of electricity, or at least of the use of it. Much of the work to understand the principles of electricity and to use it for our benefits, happened in the 18th and 19th century and it was only after that, that electricity became a part of the common household and everything was changed forever.

It kickstarted the technological revolution as it enabled radios, telephones, light bulbs, industrial machines and later, computers, televisions, and pretty much the entire consumer electronic landscape.

5. Telescope


The telescope’s invention pretty much revolutionised astronomy and it helped us do away with archaic understandings and beliefs about the universe and establish facts and real information, once and for all.

Before the telescope, it was a general consensus that the Earth was at the centre of the universe and everything revolved around the Earth. But since then, we have come to our senses and have now looked at galaxies that are as old as 13 billion years!

The thing is, we are an explorative species. We are the seekers and the telescope has been one of the most important tool to help us understand the world beyond our horizon. Telescopes are literally our eyes to the universe without which, we would be like frogs in a well.


I have to be expecting a second part to this one which would include the computers, the internet and, finally, the fully decentralized economic structures! ;) Namaste :)

I intentionally left out the computers and the internet and all other cool stuff that is happening right now. We already talk about these marvels all the time today. This article was sort of a throwback at the breakthroughs we have made that were so crucial in our development as an intelligent civilisation.

I agree that there are tons of almost magical stuff coming up, especially the decentralised systems like crypto, but yeah, it's fun to stop and think about the past for a bit. Namaste :)

is the economic structure really decentralized ? i've heard that the world belongs to only 148 companies at all ?? but that might be some kind of conspiration theorie ? not sure about

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He was mentioning the crypto space and not the economic global structure that we have today. I agree that the economic system of the world is not decentralised at all and is in the hands of major corporations. :)

The platform you are on when yo read this IS decentralized and many of the cryptocurrencies rising to the surface right now, such as BitShares, are as decentralized as can be.

Let's make crypto the default way of doing things :D

good point of view, yeah, thy
edit: but is this representative for most of the world ? hmmm maybe, i have to think about thy :)
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Well said this is just my kind of thing. resteemed on my blog too

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment :)

Simply If anyone checks out latest Mobile Phones after every week, he would get idea how fast and how much we are Inventing.

Yeah, that is a good indicator of how things are progressing. The computing space is just exploding right now with mobile phones as powerful as supercomputers of the past.

I see the picture of the moon landing. Some folks still that that was staged. I do not know. Yes we have accomplished these things including the internet and computers. However folks think of ancient civilizations and even the Neph and Fallen Angels. It is possible these these things and much more was created long ago and we are just now rediscovering it. They say there is an advanced civilization far advanced from ours today in Antarctica. The Christian researcher and personality Steve Quayle has done extensive research on it. Makes me think of the book of Enoch.

I won't comment on the moon landings but yes what we are today is the sum of everything that our ancestors have achieved and what we do today, will add to that sum and be ready for the future generations! :)

No doubt at all that the moon landings were staged and it was run my Stanley Kubrik. Check out my article here on it. There's plenty more great research and evidence out there on this topic as well if you just do a little research.

We've been pretty much lied to about everything to some degree or another. This includes the whole supposed history of humanity as you indicate with the reference to the Nephilim. If you are fully ready to explore that rabbit hole, you stop asking "What we've been lied to about?" and start asking "What haven't we been lied to about?"

These were the building blocks for human survival and evolution of the race.

They truly were. :)

The internet!! :)
Good post, followed.

Thank you for reading :)

Once the masses develop enough critical thinking skills to debunk the Moon Landing on their own--then we will have made real progress. Research the Van Allen Radiation Belt and see NASA's explanation for destroying %100 of their Moon Landing technology.

Two great resources on the #MoonLandingHoax:

The moon landing photo was just for representation purposes. The actual article doesn't even mention the moon landing.

Right, but I couldn't stop myself after I saw the picture. No doubt there is hidden technology all around us like, Dewey B Larson & Nikola Tesla--we just need to dust it off and get back on track (IMO.)

I would like to refute parts of this article. We have suppressed many inventions along the way.

  1. Electricity
    4a. Tesla's high-voltage, wireless electricity using the Earth's magnetic field
    4b. High-voltage, counter-rotating experiments leading to self-levitating craft.
    4c. Various electrical circuits that could have led to free-energy, or energy from the ether, or energy from the zero-point-field.
    (no number) Starlite
    (no number) Molten salt nuclear fission reactor - which could have revolutionized power generation across the world, but was not a "breeder" reactor that made bomb-grade material
    (no number) Fleischmann–Pons cold fusion - suppressed by the "hot" fusion scientists dependent upon government funding
    (no number) Russian torsion physics
    (no number) Thomas Henry Moray's crystal and vacuum-tube based energy generators
    (no number) Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell

and the list goes on...

I agree that over the years a lot of tech has been suppresses. But this article was about the stuff that was not suppressed and that allowed humanity to progress.

We have lost more than we have kept in inventions. I am trying to say that humanity would be even more, if more inventions were not suppressed or lost. What about "Greek fire" vs napalm? "Eternal flame" vs LED lights? "Powdered gold" vs monoatomic gold? We cannot replace these today, let alone all the fuel-efficiency devices.
If we could get get a washing machine and a toilet to the people making less than $2 a day, think how we could revolutionize their areas of the world!

Unfortunately, that is true. We have lost a lot of technologies to time. Some were due to nature's fault and some were due to mankind. In fact a lot were due to mankind.

New generation could hardly imagine the life without internet, smartphone etc. The same like 30 years ago we have no ideas that there will be little gadget which could connect people from all over the world. Some time ago technologies developed step by step and suddenly about 25 years ago it jumped so fast and at once.

Yeah, everything is changing so fast. That's the pace of technology for you. It is pretty exciting what we will do only in 10 years. Our lives will be constantly changing and we will have to adapt constantly too.

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