Wooden bowl

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Our ancestors were amazing. They had great ideas and could make anything from anything. On my recent outing I saw two of these huge wooden bowls that were lying close to an historic monument. I initially thought of it as stone bowls, but on closer inspection found them to be made entirely by wood. My mother, who loves history and historic things, explained to me that those were wooden bowls for the cows. Wood was much cheaper and was found Abundantly and that's the reason most of the things back then were made of wood.

The bowls were heavy but then it had to be heavy otherwise cows who came to get their Fill would spill the bown. The bowls were designed to make it easier for cows to drink from it.

It must have been nearly a 100 year old, but is still strong enough to hold water for the cows. Old things are definitely stronger that the ones available today.

People these days see Carpenters job as petty job and don't follow it and that's the reason such craftsmanship is fading from our society.

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Its really a rare thing

Rare thing

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