How Specific Wars have shaped the Future.

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In my previous article I discussed ancient warfare. I have chosen a few important battles periodically.

Marathon : 490 BC.

Persians attacked Greece and the Athenian army attacked in response. For about 8 days the opposing armies just stared at each other. On the 9th day the Athenian army spread out in into battle lines and attacked. At this point, the Persians were horribly shocked and ran for their ships. They were slaughtered. Historians is of the view that that Athenian army saved Western civilization from becoming part of the Orient.


Syracuse use : 413 BC.

Athens was at the peak of their power by this time. They decided to sail to Sicily and specifically, Syracuse. Unfortunately they were far from home and taking on a task perhaps too great. They were trapped in the harbour of Syracuse. They tried to break free, but almost their entire fleet was destroyed. The outcome was that the Athenian Empire began to fall apart.


Arbela 331BC.

Alexander the Great, as many of us are aware, wanted a world empire. The conquest of Persia was part of his plan. The armies started fighting at Arbela. The Persians had an enormous force which included elephants and chariots. All of this was no match for Alexander's army. The Persians were all but destroyed. The Western civilization was saved once more.


Chálons: 451 AD.

Europe faced an invasion in the 5th century. Attila the Hun, one of the most ferocious person in history. They destroyed everything they touched and the destructive force had its eyes on Europe. In Chalons, however they were met by the Goths and the Romans. Attila and his hordes were totally destroyed and Europe, thankfully was saved.


Hastings : 1006 Ad.

William the Conqueror, of Normandy, claimed the English throne. He sailed with about 7000 men to England to claim his his crown. The army of King Harold defeated William at Hastings. Harold was killed in battle and William was the new king of England. He unified the country and strengthened the monarchy.

Spanish Armada:1588 Ad.

The English knew about the imminent attack from Spain. They lit bonfires all along their coast. Philip 2nd gathered his fleet, which was huge, for the attack. The English, led by Francis Drake, swiftly out sailed the Spanish with their faster, lighter ships. Spain's plan for world domination were buried with her fleet.


Waterloo: 1815.

Napoleon Bonaparte was facing the end of his career. His armies attacked Wellington. The Duke would not have any of it and with Prussian help, Napoleon was beaten and sent into exile. Peace was restored.


Normandy: 1944.

As Europe was under Nazi control and with Hitler seeking world domination for Germany, the world was praying for an Allied invasion. Then on June 6th, the largest force ever assembled, sailed from England to France. They attacked at Normandy Beach. Many or rather thousands of Allies died, but after a day of enormous battle, the Allies managed to establish a beachhead. This action broke Hitler's dream as the invasion was a success.

Throughout history we come across these lunatics who want to fight and control the world. I am of the opinion that heads of countries should lead their people in peace and work to improve what they have to the best of their ability and scrap dreams that would stir them up to overstep their borders.

Sources : Wikipedia, Websters encyclopedia, Own input, Pixabay, Wikpipedia, Google Images (labelled for reuse)

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Its so sad to see the effects of war on the families of the fighters. Somehow we humans seem unable to resolve conflict any other way....


Yes. There's always been wars. Even in heaven. Very sad.

You should watch the movie Dunkirk, it was released last year. It retells the story of Normandy so beautifully.


Really!! I would love that. Thanks.


Some of the greatest and most gruesome war stories are written in the Book of Mormon about the inhabitants of the American continent 600 BC. Makes some of our more modern wars look like child's play.


That's a sad fact.

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I commented on someone else's comment. I was saying that some of the most gruesome wars were fought between the inhabitants of the American continent. They are recorded in The Book of Mormon. Mormon was a prophet and historian who captured the history of these wars from plates of brass carried with those who came from Jerusalem in 600BC and settled on the American continent. They are the heritage of the modern day american red Indian.