Morality is decreasing due to increase in Paganism and reflection on society, how history repeats, nothing new under the sun.

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This article brought up is not just what happened in Estcourt with increase of Paganism, Cannibalism, Occultism, etc. It's the morality of the person and how the reflection society wants to go with the times with popularity, pleasure, and power. The wage of sin is death and the consequences of original sin is prevalent today as it was in ancient times.

Brings up the fact that Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior came to lay his life for us, took upon all of our sins on the cross. It's following God's law and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ too. It's walking the long and lonely road to salvation that Christ warned so few would find. It's not easy, but if you do follow Christ will all of mind and soul, and heart with conviction. Best to put to the full armor of God and stand with Yeshua against the forces of darkness in this #SpiritualWarfare we're in.

Brings up of how the Spanish conquistadors came to destroy paganism?
One thing is for sure, the 300 Conquistadors did not murder the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas entire civilization. There is archaeological evidence that proved there were other tribes competing against each other, some wanted to trade with the Spanish and learn, others didn't. Others died due to diseases.
How other countries with Christian missionaries came to preach God's word and how these civilizations eventually benefited from it over time because they were more civilized and broke away from Paganism ideals that were horrible worshiping death cult that would've led to come destruction of civilization.

Then, was brought up on how the Paganism infected the Catholic Church with a hundred years before the Protestant Reformation established Nationalism as religion as dictated by the Government. Prior to this the Church was the Mediator of the Government and the people and worked well to a point. Yes, there were corrupt leaders in all areas and was the same politics today as it was then.
What Nationalism did was made the Government as the religion governing Christianity and twisted things around, created further corruption within the Church and Government. Just as we see today with Government corruption, pay to play, etc. Not to mention of the spirit cooking, pedophile rings, pizza/hot dog, ice cream parties, art work, and Moca dinners spirit cooking gala displaying cannibalism rituals, and other sick and twisted s*** done to children and adults by Satanists Illuminati SCUM.

The Protestant Reformation coincided with rebellion against Catholic Church. Popularity for Occultism climbed heavily. Therefore, the whole protestant reformation via Nationalism, National Socialism was a reflection of society who didn't want to submit to the Catholic Church, broke away and founded their own religion and race. They felt would lead to the same salvation as the Catholic or Orthodox religion.
When in reality it didn't because what they did was twist religion, scripture, had Christianity mixed with Nationalism and Paganism, is heresy and goes against God's word and law. That's is why today, you have populists groups rising trying to establish new establishment mixing truth with lies while at the same time implementing the same evils mixing Paganism with Christianity. Any of these political groups end up the same way as corrupt and lead to the same end. It's All by Design, since the World's A Stage.

"Likewise, one can see what is happening today with the rise of National Socialism is the repeat of history because of the wounds of sin, and by this I speak not of the true horrors caused by the war, but because the root cause which started the war- the apostasy from the Catholic Faith in exchange for a worship of the self rooted in ethnonationalist ideas."

The article I mentioned coincides with "How History Repeats Itself? What Causes War is Tolerance? Prejudice used as weapon for power, Morality decreasing, Spiritual Warfare"

I stated that "We as humans make mistakes, learn from it, because we are not perfect. We are created in the image of God. Any of these political groups using Hegelian Dialectic and Paganism ideals all lead to the same end. They mix truth with lies, making themselves the new trend and establishment all while seeking to be disciplined under a moral system that doesn't work that well at all, since it leads to chaos and destruction."

Back to the above article. The increase in Sin is what "Our Lady of Fatima about the consequences of man continuing to turn his back on God." The break down of the family unit with promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, and countless perversities, degenerates, and indoctrination by deliberating dumbing down society.

Shoebat concludes:
"True peace does not come through political domination, economic power, or ideas about national or racial superiority. It comes from submission to Christ through His Church, for it is through them and only them that man will be empowered with the weapons to put on the armor of God and so long as he chooses to persist in following the will of God, to stand up to the effects of sin and conquer them. Anybody who promises otherwise is offering only a deception because there is no other way, and as the world turns more against the Faith, so will the horrors of the ancient world once again manifest in ways more efficient and quickly than before.

It is Christ against the world, just as it always was. But take heart and persist, because as Christ has promised, He has conquered the world, and in the fullness of time, He will return- except this time, it will be as the Just Judge."

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