See What I See: Trade Point 1590-1629

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Found in a river, on an old portage route, Sept. 10th, 2019. Ontario, Canada. (Using a Minelab Equinox 800 detector.)

Among other useful items, the French traded knives, arrow and spear points as well as harpoons with the Indigenous people.

This is likely a French spear point, used for spearing fish. Small harpoons were also traded to hunt beaver and muskrat.


It’s iron and these were mass produced for trading purposes.

Still authenticating.

~ Rebecca

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That's a lot of history to be holding. I often wish I could touch an object and know the truths it hides. Who made it, used it...the places it's been. That would be so awes

Hi @tamarslovelace!
I am very happy to correspond with you today! Did you and yours make it through the hurricane ok?
It’s very cool to pluck a lost item from anywhere with the full realization that the last time another hand touched it was hundreds of years ago.
If I had to guess (wink, wink) I’d say a young
Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) brave lost this, trying to hit a beaver. Bugger of a thing to loose....would’ve traded a lot for the tool which was like technology...just like blockchain is for us.

That hurricane was terribly impressive and destructive. Thankfully no damage near me and in fact, the Florida coastline was spared of any but the most minor of damages.

I am always sad to think of young braves losing their tools while beaver hunting ;'(

In this case is could have cost lives if the hunt for food was to prevent imminent starvation. In any case, I am sure it was a sad loss. Good analogy between the technologies! Never thought of it in that way.

Good news! I’m so glad to learn that everything turned out ok for the most part and that you’re all safe.

Do you think that’s why they get labeled brave??....Must be an inside joke. No one ever describes one as an old brave, beaver hunter...

because the old ones feckin-well know better, than to even try. Hahaha!

Would’ve been a loss for sure. Like losing a crypto key for us....but hey cool, we got to talk about it 500 years later....made me laugh and hopefully you, too. Ooooh, plus, another beaver was bravely saved. You’ve seen my!

Very cool find!

That is really neat. I like finding treasures when exploring the wilderness.

Thanks for commenting @ilovecanada!
It’s neat to think about how an item was lost or discarded and by who.