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RE: The Templars and Hospitallers: backbones of the Latin cause in Palestine?

in #history4 years ago

I think that from such a distance in time we can romanticise them greatly. :D

Sorry that it wasn't easy for you to read. I wish there was an 'instant translation' filter or something. I'm sure there are many great posts I'm missing out on because I can only read English. :(


I have an instant translator. Google has such a function, by the way;) Sometimes I use it, if I do not understand what is written at all. You simply can not imagine how terrible the instant translation is! :)))) But I'm looking at the situation from the positive side. I need practice in reading and in the language in general, so reading such long texts is very useful, I believe. And I learned a lot of new things, it's also a big plus for me :)

A win-win! woohoo :D

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