The Unsolved Mystery Of The Dyatlov Pass incident

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The mysterious story starts on February 2, 1959 in Russia when a team of professionally trained mountain climbers and hikers were planning to reach the summit of the Kholat Syakhl also known as "Mountain of the Dead" located at the Ural Mountains. Unfortunately it didn't all planned out as expected. Only one out of ten hikers survived the expedition because he had to go home early due to a cold, Yury Yudin didn't know on this point that because of this illness he evaded a gruesome death.

The leader of the group was Igor Dyatlov

passed away members in Dyatlov's team

Full NameAge
Igor, Alekseievich Dyatlov23
Zinaida, Alekseievna Kolmogorova22
Semen, Alexander Zolotarev38
Alexander, Sergeievich Kolevatov25
Yuri, Nikolaievich Doroshenko21
Nicolai, Vladimirovich Thibeaux-Brignolles23
Lyudmila, Alexandrovna Dubinina21
Rustem, Vladimirovich Slobodin23
Yuri, Alexeievich Krivonischenko24

While Yury Yudin escaped his faith the other 9 members were missing and a Soviet search party was formed and send out to find the lost hikers. The first thing the search party found was their abandoned tent, strangely enough it was ripped from the inside out with a knife and all of the surviving winter gear was still present inside the tent, which is pretty odd considering the extreme terrain and weather of the location. Also footprints in the snow indicated that the campers must have fled their tent in panic, about a mile away from the campsite the first 5 bodies were found half-naked and barefooted. three out of the five bodies were positioned in a way that tells us they wanted to go back to the tent but they never made it back. There were no other people or animals present in that area. The remaining 2 bodies were found with heavily burned hands right next to a campfire under a tree. On this point the search party already had alot of questions about the strange way they found the 5 bodies.

A picture of the abandoned tent

Months passed by as the Soviet search party finally found the remaining 4 bodies in a small river. As if it wasn't hard enough already the discovering of the last 4 bodies raised another handfull of questions because they were found with broken bones and wearing parts of each others clothes, also some pieces of the clothes contained radiation and had cuts in them which might tell us that the clothes might have been forcefully removed and switched. Two bodies had broken ribs, one was missing her tongue and one had a fractured skull.

Below is a visual detailed representation of the Dyatlov Pass incident

If you are interested in the autopsy reports of the victims , you can get a full report at the link.

From this day on the mysteries that occurred revolving around the Dyatlov Pass incident were never solved. Only speculations and theories were formed but nobody ever found out what really happend with the experienced crew, led by Igor Dyatlov.

If you have any thoughts, ideas or opinions about what could have happend at the Dyatlov Pass incident feel free to comment and share it with us!

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