NARCOS: Cocaine Dealing in Columbia - Is it worth the money?

in history •  last year

Just got finished binge watching Season 3 of the great Netflix series called Narcos - When you start watching it it is hard to stop.

A true story that makes for great entertainment - But this is more than just a dramatized story - It is History. a history of some of the most powerful racketeers that ever walked the Earth - Men who were making so much money that one of the main problems was how to use and invest it - How much of this money is still driving the world's economy today we can only guess.

But ask yourself this question - Is it worth the money? For these drug dealers, expecially those at the top, like Pablo Escobar,
more often than not come to a sad and unfortunate end - Was it worth the money and power they had for a little while, just
end up quite dead - Or in a US jail cell where they can exist like the living dead - As once the US DEA gets them they almost
never get out.

It will happen anyway - the temptation for wealth and power is irresistible to some - And to some just to have their moment
on top makes it worth the unfortunate ending.

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Very fascinating and informative post shared followed . @ourworld Wish you the best with all your future endeavors.


One of the best crime dramas I've ever watched - Has that 'you are there' quality of movies like the "Godfather".
Acting, directing and production quality is excellent - Netflix is outdoing the major networks.