Check out these Beauty Tips using Spoon

in #history7 years ago

In any case, shockingly, we can utilize spoon while applying make-up. Simply consider it, isn't that cool? It is, isn't that so? Spoon can really be our Best-Friend.

Use the spoon trick on your cheekbone and use the right shade. Using spoon will directly give you the guide on where to use the shade. It’ll be easy for you to spot the hollows of your cheeks by using a spoon.
Eyebrow Arch
Place the rounded curve of the spoon to your brow to get the perfect eyebrow arch. Use your brow pencil and fill it in with it.

Nail Polish
If you want to apply nail color polishes by mixing ‘em, then put their drops onto the spoon and mix them together. Once the mixture is created and it looks like the design you wanted, apply it on your nails.

Prevent polish from getting over your nails
While applying nail polish, place the spoon underneath your nails so that you can prevent the polish from getting on the tip of your fingers. Make sure to use this trick correctly to get the nail polish look done.

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