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Some would argue that Adolf Hitler was the main cause of World War II while other people argue that he was not. Hitler was a diabolical man, and he did many despicable actions during his reign. Most people identify World War II as the war of Hitler. Other parties argue that it was not entirely his fault that the war broke out. They say that Hitler was a contributor to the war, but his opponents also had a part to play in World War II. Adolf Hitler was the reason for the second World War because of his decisions and determination to make Germany, a super power by attacking Russia, Western countries and the Soviet Union.


Hitler had been planning, and his strategy was in many stages. This took place between the year 1919 and the year 1928. He had a solid plan and he adhered to every step of the plan until he killed himself. He knew that his plan would have negative ramifications, and he knew that a world war was imminent. One of the steps in his program was the Jews conspiracy. He also propagated many foreign policies in his reign. He had made the foreign policy a mission in the 1920s. He was skillful and artful in all his endeavors. In his book, he said that he anticipated a struggle of America and Germany. He also wrote a second book, and he claimed that America had a lot of power. Hitler was the mastermind of exterminating the Jews. His main aspiration was Germany being a world power and he wanted the Germans to conquer Russia as well as Europe. This aspiration was a motivation for the Second World War. Hitler was the one who rolled things into motion. He was very specific, and he got people from all over the world to back him up. He got an empire from Africa and a navy from Germany.

His strategy involved getting a large German base in central Europe and expanding it outwards. His strategy was effective because it would elevate Germany and it would not need to have any economic superiority. Hitler had a conversation with Carl, who was the high Commissioner for the League of Nations. Hitler had a bad view of Russia, and he said that his main strategy was to hurt Russia. He said that all his decisions at the time targeted Russia. His strategy was to smash the Western empires and to attack the Soviet Union. It was very clear that Hitler’s main aim was to cause uproar, in the whole world and this unrest sparked the World War II.


In my opinion, Hitler caused the World War II because of his decisions and strategies. His main aim was to make Germany, a superpower. He also aimed to eliminate the Jews. He had a broad program of expanding his empire. He had contingency plans, and he was against most countries. These are Russia, the western countries and the Soviet Union. He had a great responsibility in the war because he machinated the European war of 1939. The world war two began when Hitler attacked the Soviet Union in 1941. This was the first attack that set things into motion, and it showed Hitler’s influence over the Second World War.

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Who will likely start World War 111


Probably Trump vs Kim Jong.


Ha ha ha. In Kenya it is Matiangisketch-3100487__480.jpg

America thinks it's still the world's super power because they got guns. Trump forgets that it doesn't take power to fall, but a mind that can lead, he lacks strategy in execution of his leadership and he thinks too highly of himself. He doesn't realize that China is also rising, Asia might be on the lead in a couple of years, it's just a matter of time.


There's a saying that goes "Anyone would loose sight of creeping shadows while basking in the bright light."
The US has been at the center-stage for far too long that it's made them ignorant & arrogant (Look at the tide pod and hot coil challenge currently trending)
Their President is an accurate representation of who the world thinks they are. With all the crap he's pulled (So far) any other president would have been impeached 10 times over, yet he's still there.
Just like the Greek, Roman & Egyptian empires.., everything has to come to an end at some point

Germany was still responsible for causing world war 1. Hitler was a charismatic leader who convinced the Germans to go again and fight -
WW 2. @stbrians history repeats lol


It surely does