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Maybe only I can serve food typical of aceh but masi many more makana typical aceh our story again in another article

Now I will tell a little lGi about the various tribes in aceh., See the photos that I show below .. :) lest see.

1.suku aceh


Acehnese tribe is the name of a tribe that inhabits the northern tip of Sumatra. They are Muslims. The language spoken by them is the Acehnese language that is still related to the language of Mon Khmer (Champa region).Acehnese is part of the western Malayo-Polynesian language, a branch of the Austronesian language family.

The Aceh tribe has a long history of the glory of an Islamic kingdom until the struggle over the colonial conquest of the Dutch East Indies.

Many of the Acehnese cultures absorb Hindu Indian culture, where the vocabulary of many Sanskrit-speaking Aceh languages.The tribe of Aceh is the tribe in Indonesia who first embraced Islam and founded the Islamic kingdom. The majority of Acehnese people work as farmers, miners, and fishermen.

2.suku gayo

Gayo tribe is a tribe that inhabits the Gayo highlands in Aceh.

Gayo tribe majority in Central Aceh district, Bener Meriah, Gayo Lues and 3 districts in East Aceh, the sub-district of Serbe Jadi, Peunaron and Simpang Jernih.

In addition, Gayo tribe also inhabits several villages in the districts of Aceh Tamiang and Aceh Tenggara.

Gayo tribe is Muslim and they are known to be obedient in their religion.Gayo tribes use a language called Gayo.

3.suku singkil

The Singkil tribe is a tribe located in the district of Aceh Singkil and Subulussalam in the province of Aceh

The position of the Singkil tribe is still debated whether it belongs to the Pakpak Suak Boang tribe or stands as a separate tribe separated from the Pakpak tribe.

4.suku alas

Alas tribe is one of the tribes who live in Southeast Aceh District, Aceh Province (which is also commonly called Tanah Alas). The word "base" in Alas means "mat". This has something to do with the condition of the area that stretches flat like a mat on the sidelines of Bukit Barisan.Tanah Alas area through many rivers, one of which is Lawe Alas (Alas River).

Most Alas tribes live in the countryside and live on farms and farms. Tanah Alas is a rice granary for Aceh. But besides that they also plant rubber, coffee, and candlenut, and look for various forest products, such as wood, rattan, resin and incense.While the animals they cultivate are horses, goats, buffaloes, and cows.

Alas village or village called kute. A kute is usually inhabited by one or several clans, called a merge. Members of one merge are from one common ancestor. Their family life pattern is unity and unity. They draw a patrilineal lineage, meaning male lineage.They also adhere to the custom eksogami merge, meaning that the match must be searched in another merge.

Alas tribe 100% is adherents of Islam. Yet there are also those who believe in shamanic practices for example in agricultural activities. They perform ceremonies with a certain background of belief in order for their farm to bring good results or to avoid pests.

5.suku aneuk jame

The Aneuk Jamee tribe is a tribe scattered along the western and southern coast of Aceh. In terms of language, it is thought to be a dialect of the Minangkabau language.However, due to the long-standing influence of the cultural assimilation process, most of the Aneuk Jamee tribes, especially those inhabiting areas dominated by the Aceh Tribe, for example in the West Aceh district, the Aneuk Jamee language are spoken only among the elderly and now generally They are more prevalent in Acehnese as a lingua franca (lingua franca).The origin of the mention of "Aneuk Jamee" is allegedly popularized by the Acehnese tribe, as a manifestation of the nature of the Acehnese openness in glorifying the group of Minangkabau residents who came to flee (exodus) from their ancestral lands which were under the Dutch colonial holders. Literally, the term Aneuk Jamee comes from the Aceh Language which means "guest child".

6.suku taming

The main population of Aceh Tamiang district is Malay tribe or more commonly called Tamiang Malay.
They have the same dialect and language with the Malay community living in Langkat district, North Sumatra and different from the people of Aceh.Yet they have for centuries been part of Aceh.

In terms of culture, they are also similar to other east coastal communities of Sumatra.

7.suku kluet

Suku Kluet adalah sebuah suku yang mendiami beberapa kecamatan di kabupaten Aceh Selatan, yaitu kecamatan Kluet Utara, Kluet Selatan, Kluet Tengah, dan Kluet Timur.

8.suku Lekon
Lekon tribe is a tribe in Alafan district, Simeulue in Aceh province. This tribe is located in the villages of Lafakha and and Langi.

9.suku devayan

The tribe of Devayan is a tribe that inhabits Simeulue Island. This tribe inhabits Teupah Barat district, East Simeulue, Central Simeulue, Teupah Selatan and Teluk Dalam.

10.suku sigulai
The Sigulai tribe is a tribe that inhabits northern Simeulue Island. This tribe is located in the district of West Simeulue, Alafan and Salang.

11.suku batak pakpak
Pakpak tribe is one of the tribes in Sumatera Island Indonesia and spread in several regencies / cities in North Sumatra and Aceh, yaki in Dairi, Pakpak Bharat, Humbang Hasundutan (North Sumatera), Aceh Singkil and Sabulusalam ( Prov.Aceh.

12.suku haloban
Haloban tribe is a tribe located in the district of Aceh Singkil, precisely in the district of Pulau Banyak. Kecamatan Pulau Banyak is a district consisting of 7 villages with subdistrict capital located in Balai Island village.

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