history vespa 98 series ll 1947

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The second series of Vespa 98 produced as many as 16,500 units. This model offers significant changes from its predecessor model, both in aesthetic and technical terms. The model is also equipped by spare tires to be on guard if the rider suffered a flat tire, which is very likely to happen due to bad road conditions after the war. The element eventually became the most well-known Vespa design feature for its highly functional reasons. Vespa 98 also comes with a new headlamp with a metallic silver color that reminds us of the company Piaggio previous aircraft. Some magazines also reported that the sale of Vespa 98 has reached 8 months waitlist. This finally opened up opportunities for the black market to take part with Vespa membanderol price 2-fold, which reached 125,000 Lira !.

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