history of onthel bikes

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This Onthel bike began to be widely used in the Indies era. Then in the 1970s the existence of onthel bikes began to be shifted by "jengki bike" that is more compact size of both the size and length and not distinguished design for male or female riders. At that time a fairly popular juke bike was a Phoenix brand from China. Furthermore, Bike jengki in the 1980s also began to be displaced by MTB bikes until now.
In Indonesia, the general public uses this model bike for transportation and as a private vehicle as a motorcycle today in the days before 1970s. Bicycle ontel commonly used by the urban communities of Indonesia from the Dutch colonial era until the 1950s-1960s-1970s. After the 70s and above until the year 2000an, people have started using motorcycles.

Onthel bikes later in the 1970s were slowly being used more by rural people than in urban areas. But in the end due to age and scarcity, the onthel bike has turned into an antique and unique. Start the turning situation, the previously discharged onthel bike, now in the 2000s actually hunted back by all circles ranging from students, students to officials. The Javanese say this is "wolak-waliking era". People's avidity towards onthel bikes is right along with the growing threat of global warming.
Nowadays, there are many old bike clubs and communities from various regions in Indonesia, spread from Sabang to Merauke which number hundreds of communities, and even then only those who have been observed and registered, not to mention many who are not registered or join the organization under the auspices of KOSTI (Old Bicycle Community Indonesia).

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