Alfa Romeo Rare Predicted Sold USD 20 Billion

in #history5 years ago


If you're a classic car enthusiast and want to add to your collection, then the name Alfa Romeo G1 can be on the game list. Not just a classic, this car has a long history, because it became one of the first car model Alfa Romeo built.

The presence of Alfa Romeo G1 became one of the rare car that quite anticipated in various classic car show.

Not only that, Alfa Romeo G1 is also called to have a capacity of 6.3 liter six-cylinder inline engine that is claimed to produce power up to 71 Tk.

This car is also called can go at full speed up to 138 km / hour. Of course, this figure can be called quite high in his time.


Other news mentions, the engine for the Alfa Romeo G1 did not escape from the intervention of the racing legend and founder of Ferrari, the Enzo Ferrari.


It is estimated that the Alfa Romeo G1 will be sold at a price can be translucent US $ 1.5 million or RP 20 billion.

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