Victory Day of Bangladesh

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16th December, 1971 the most glorious day in the history of Bangladesh. This is the public holiday. After nine month long Liberation War of Bangladesh, on this day 1971 the country got its freedom. On this day, the Pakistani army surrendered to the Indo-Bangladeshi high command in Rescourse Moydan in Dhaka. General AKK Niazi, the commanding officer of Pakistan Army surrendered his force to Lt. Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora, the Allied force commander.

This victory reminds us the supreme sacrifice of our freedom fighters and the victory was a victory of rights against wrong. The war was started in 26 March, 1971 and end on 16 December 1971. On 7 March 1971, the Father of Bengali Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave an important speech at Rescourse Moydan and inspires the Bengali people to make the country better for living.
At the night of 25 March 1971, The Pakistani army come to the country and kills thousands of innocent people including Doctor, students, political leader, scientist, teachers, journalists, artist, poets, engineers etc. Bangladesh was divided 11 sectors to fight against Pakistani army and there were also three classified force. The three forces are, 'Z force' under Major Ziaur Rahman, 'K force' under Major Khaled Mosharraf and 'S force' under Major Shafiullah. For the good organized, the freedom fighters fight against the Pakistani army more effectively.

The Pakistani army set some organization in the country such as Razakar, Al-Badar, Al-Shams, so that they will catch the freedom fighters easily. The Pakistani army killed innocent people including women and child and loot houses, raping women with the help of those organizations. But the Bengali people fight against the Pak army without any indecision and got the great success and Bangladesh was marking its place in the world Map with freedom.

The Pakistani government wanted to ensure that the Bangladesh emerge as an independent country but should never developed and for this, on 14th December 1971 a number of intellectuals were targeted by Pakistani army with the help of Razakar, Al-Badar, Al-Shams and they killed those innocent people.

Every year different Government and non-government organization and institute celebrate this day. The Bengali people celebrate this day as a great Bengali Festival. The national flag upholds in every government and semi-government offices, houses and the important place were decorated.


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