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In 1507, the German cartographer Martin Waldseemulla published a map of the world. On this map, he named the Western Hemisphere "America" after the name of Italian inventor and monographer Amigo Vespucci. The former British colonies used the first country's first name in the declaration of independence of the United States. On July 4, 1776, this declaration, "unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America", was adopted by the "Representatives of the United States of America". On November 15, 1777, the current name was finalized by the constitution of the Articles of Confederation in the second continental Congress. In this article it was said: "The Stile of the Confederacy will be the United States of America." "The United States name as a short name is authentic. Other common names are the U.S., the USA, and America. Spoken Names are the U.S. of A. and the States The name Columbia was once used by the name of Christopher Columbus as the name of the United States. The name of the "District of Columbia" exists today.

US citizens are known in Bengali as "American". The word "US" is used as a United States adjective.

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