✈️#911Truth Part 13: Helicopter Footage of the Twin Towers Turning to Dust (Fast Forward 45X Speed)

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In #911Truth Part 13 I have uploaded another sped up video of the Twin Towers (WTC 1 North and WTC 2 South Towers) literally turning to dust right before our very eyes. This is some unique long continuous footage from a helicopter, and I have sped it up by 45X speed to better condense the otherwise 1.5 hours of footage. I have also included zoomed in and slowed down footage of the 2nd “plane” which cartoonishly glides through the WTC 2 exterior before a giant fireball explodes but which quickly forms a large smoke/dust/fumes cloud that quickly moves upwards leaving a large hole (with no remnants of a conventional - magically steel-slicing - aluminum “plane” in sight).

Also included in this chopper footage is both the fall of the two towers like a giant dust ball softly impacting the below water-table World Trade Center floor, and hence why there were very little rubble or seismic impact or why Manhattan wasn’t flooded from the Hudson River. Both falls were preceded by intense “dustification” as the towers were turned to dust from inside out while most of the dust was sucked out from one side, especially the North Tower. Later footage shows the entire city covered in thick dust that also makes its way into the sky near the clouds. Absolutely mind-boggling stuff!

#911Truth Part 13 Chopper WTC 1 and 2 Fast Forward.jpeg

Video Source and Timeline

The full video with sound is shown in the following “EnhancedWTCVideos” YouTube channel, and which obtains the videos from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the National Institute of (coverup) Science and (coverup) Technology (NIST).

Source: https://youtu.be/Gkg8_k263dI

As per the source video description, the timeline is as follows:

  • Second “plane” glides through WTC 2 at 9:02:59 AM.
  • WTC 2 falls at 9:58:59 AM (dustification of about 56 minutes).
  • WTC 1 falls at 10:28:22 AM (assuming Wikipedia’s 8:46:40 AM first “plane” impact, then a dustification of about 1:41:42 or 1 hour and 41 minutes and 42 seconds).

Sequence of Events

I have taken screenshots of specific parts of the footage and they are shown below.

Stay tuned for #911Truth Part 14...

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