the terrible story of 2 sisters - real or false? you decide!

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This story happened many years ago in a place away from the city, in a town in New Jersey (USA) ... It is not known if what happened was true or if it is only a legend; but the tenants who now live in the house where the misfortune occurred say that sometimes at night they hear the cries of a girl and the cries of another girl, with a voice similar to the first, but more beautiful and clear, as if were the voices of two teenage sisters.

40 or 50 years ago, in a large house in a town in New Jersey, lived a happy marriage with two daughters of the same age, Sarah and Jeniffer, teenagers of 16 and 17 years (Jeniffer was the oldest).

It was a family that had everything; love, a lot of money ... the parents thought they were the perfect family, but they ignored something about their daughters: the great hatred Sarah felt towards Jeniffer. He was very envious of his sister; since she was prettier, taller, had more luck with the boys, was admired by everyone, had a prettier voice, was the most popular, was the oldest of them two ...

but there was something that Sarah envied much to Jeniffer, much more than anything else: her eyes. Jeniffer was not vain or arrogant, but she could not help but say that her eyes were her greatest pride, she was very proud of them, she did not stop hallucinating with her eyes, and they were perfect: a beautiful clear blue, bright ... and everyone admired her for that, everyone told her that she had beautiful eyes.

The fact is that one afternoon Sarah was left thinking in her room about how she could destroy her sister Jeniffer, since he hated her a lot, and a rather cruel and bloody idea occurred to her, although it was not unusual because Sarah was going crazy and sick mental.

Her main goal was to make Jeniffer's eyes stop bothering her with her beauty, and in the process Jeniffer would stop being the best at everything. While Sarah stayed in the house preparing and materializing her plan, Jeniffer was taking a walk with the friends around the city, and the parents had gone to the movies and the theater, so it was the perfect occasion to trace her plan without anyone I saw it.

The hours passed, they passed and passed, and it became night. It was 10:00. Jeniffer was going home. She was very happy and smiling. He entered very quickly in his house without looking around. He went to his room and found his communion box broken and lying on the floor. Then he started receiving some calls. It was someone threatening to tear out her eyes and gut her fan club. The voice was familiar.

Jeniffer was getting very scared, and she also heard screams outside the house. It was Sarah, who did it to scare her more.

Ten minutes later, Jeniffer left the house, and as soon as she left, she stopped. His mouth dried. His heart stopped. He was stunned by what he saw. What he had seen was so enormously horrible, so frightful, that he tore his eyes out of sight.

It was his own sister hanged from a tree with three stabs in the belly and looking her straight in the eye. The ideas of the deranged Sarah had become very clear, and her revenge had been fulfilled. She was willing to die in exchange for Jeniffer losing her happiness, and, above all, her greatest treasure: her eyes.

Comment your own conclusion.

Thank you for reading.

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