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#Bhangarh Fort History & Story

Well, there are many hunted places in our country(india), but the name of which is mentioned above in this list is Bhangadh Fort. Which is more famous in the colloquial "Bhooto ka Bhangarh".
1.jpgThe ruins of Bhangarh market

The story of Bhangarh is very interesting, Bhangarh dwells in the 16th century. Bhangarh flourishes for 300 years. Then here, Maharatar Tantrik Sindhu Sevda becomes obsessed with black magic on a beautiful princess. She does black magic to subdue the princess but dies herself by hunting herself but before she dies, Bhangarh is cursed by a waste of time and, incidentally, a month after her marriage with neighboring Azbagad, Bhangarh residents are killed and Bhangarh becomes desolate. Bhangarh, who has been dead since then, is a desolate till today and says that the ghost of the people killed in the battle still wanders in the fort of Bhangarh on night. Because of the curse of Tantric, all those liberation could not be attained. So this is the story of Bhangarh which is on the film, but it is real. So let us now explain this story in detail that you fall from the rise of Bhangarh.
##Bhangarh – An Introduction
The famous Sariska National Park is famous for some kilometer away from this fort. Bhangarh is protected from hills on three sides. This is a suitable location for any state to operate strategically. In terms of security it is divided into parts. First of all, there is a large ramp that has been added to the hills on both sides. Hanuman ji is at the main gate of this ramparts. After this, the market starts, after the expiry of the market, Tripoliya is made for splitting the premises of the palace. After that the Raj Mahal is located. There are several temples in this fort, in which the temples of Lord Someshwar, Gopinath, Mangla Devi and Keshav Rai are the main temples. The walls and columns of these temples can be guessed by the ethereal so that the entire fort will be so beautiful and beautiful. Next to Someshwar temple is a Babri, in which the people of surrounding villages still bathed.
3-300x200.jpgMithi Campus

###History Of Bhangarh

Bhangarh Fort was built in 1573 by Raja Das, the king of Aamer. After the settlement of Bhangarh, it was inhabited for almost 300 years. In the navratanas of Mughal emperor Akbar and the younger son of Bhagwant Das and the great Mughal general of Amber (Ammer), Mansingh's younger brother Raja Madho Singh later (1613) made it his stay. After Madhausingh, his son Sitar Singh sat on the throne. Vikram Samvat in 1722, Harisinh of this dynasty assumed the throne. Along with that, the brightness of Bhangarh started diminishing. Azad Singh, son of Chhatra Singh, built Azbgarh nearby and stayed there. This time it was the rule of Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb was a fanatic Muslim. If he did not leave his father then where did he leave it? Under his pressure, Harisinh's two sons became Muslims, who were known as Mohammad Kulis and Mohammed Thaliz. When these two brothers became Muslims and the hold on Aurangzeb's rule was relaxed, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur killed them and captured Bhangarh and gave the throne to Madho Singh's descendants.
4-300x168.jpgUpper Stage of Bhangarh Fort that has been totally ruined

####Rajkumari Ratnawati aur Tantarik Sindhu Devada

It is said that the princess Ratnawati of Bhangarh was very well-versed. At that time the discussion of his form was in the entire state and the prince of the corner of the country was eager to marry him. At that time, his age was only 18 years old and his youth had brought more glory in his form. At that time several states were getting proposals from them for marriage. At the same time, he used to come out of the fort with his friends in the market. Rajkumari Ratnathwati reached a perfume shop and she was taking fragrance in her hands and taking her scent. At the same time, only a few minutes from the shop, the name of Sindhu Sevada was standing and looking very carefully.
Sindhu Sevada is the same state; And he was the master of black magic. It is said that he was divorced in the form of a princess, and he was very proud of them. She wanted to get the princess in any way. That is why he came to the shop and came up with an perfume bottle which the queen liked, she made a black magic on the bottle which was done for the emancipation of the princess. But a creditable person told the princess about this secret.
5.jpgOn the top of the hill, the tantric Sindhu sevada umbrella (where he used to do Tantric meditation)
Princess Ratnakavati picked up the bottle of perfume but slammed her on one of the nearby stones. The bottle broke down on the stone l, and all the perfumes were scattered on that stone. From that point onwards, he slipped in the stone and followed the Tantric Sindhu Sevada and crushed the Tantric, which killed him on his own. Before the death, the Tantrik cursed that all the people living in this fort will die and they will not be able to take birth again, and their souls will continue to wander in this fort.

A few days after the death of that Tantric, there was a war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh in which the people living in the fort were killed. Even the princess Ratnawati did not escape the curse and she too died. Simultaneously in the same fort
After so many massacre there, the voices of death were echoed and even today, in that fort they roam
#####Entrance Prohibited after Sunset

Excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has found enough evidence that this city is an ancient historical site. At present, this fort is looked after by the Government of India. The team of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is present around the fort. The ASI has given strict instructions that after the sunset, any person in this area is forbidden to stop

This ruin has been preserved by Indian archeology. It is worth mentioning that the archaeological department has built its own office in every protected area, for the protection of this fort, the archaeological department has made its office away from Bhangarh.

######Temple of Bhangarh

As we told you that there are many temples in this fort, in which the temples of God Someshwar, Gopinath, Mangla Devi and Keshav Rai are the main temples.
7.jpgSomeshwar Mahadev Temple

One of these temples is the specialty that all the temples of Bhangarh have been transformed into complete Bhangarh ruins, including the fort. But most of the temples are missing from idols. Someshwar Mahadev Temple is definitely Shivalinga
8 (1).jpgSwith Shivaling in the womb of Someshwar Mahadev Temple

Secondly, the descendants of Sindhu Sevada Tantric in Someshwar Mahadev temple of Bhangarh are just following the worship. During this visit to our Bhangarh in 2009, the priest of that temple told us. When we asked him about the ghosts, he said that ghost is right here but that ghost does not come in the ruined palace just inside the castle, because the palace is not close to the stairs just because of Bhomia ji There is a place that does not let them come out of the castle. He also said that during the night you can live in the fort complex, there is no doubt but should not go inside the palace.
9.jpgMangala Mata Temple

So this is the story of Bhangarh that there is ghost in it or not, it can be a matter of controversy but it is of course that Bhangarh is a place to roam and if you create a program to roam Bhangarh, then we have the opinion that you are there Savan ( July-August) as Bhangarh is surrounded by all the hills of Aravali and it comes out in those hills in Savan. And if you have to listen to the history of Bhangarh from the priest of Someshwar Mahadev temple then you should go on Monday, because the priest is living in the temple on the whole day on Monday and goes back after worshiping the rest of the day in the morning.

If I feel anything wrong, we will keep updating this as soon as we wrote a comment.
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