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78 Years Ago, Henry Ford envisioned the cannabis car in response to the problems of the 1940’s, the main one being World War II. The car was made entirely out of hemp-based plastics and had an engine built to run on hemp fuel.


He constructed the hemp-fueled and hemp-bodied prototype car in 1941. The plastic body panels were composed of 70% cellulose fibers, including industrial hemp, mixed with a resin binder.

Industrial Hemp Won't Make You High, So Where is The Car?
Marijuana Proibition Has Always Been About Money, Power & Control...

High Hopes For Ford’s Hemp Car

  • The war effort led to a global shortage of steel, which was eventually rationed in America. Warships, tanks, and other machinery of war required all the available steel resources.

  • During this time, steel was consistently diverted from the automobile industry to order to support the war. Henry Ford sought-after the way to bypass this material drawback by developing a automotive entirely out of agricultural merchandise.

  • Ford, a fanatical farmer himself, saw great potential in experimenting with different plants. He developed some trendy materials through this exploration. He conjointly believe that a plastic automotive was a lot of safer than a metal automotive, due to the substantially reduced weight.


  • His thoughts on the safety of hemp products came years before we fully understood the dangers associated with the fossil fuel industry. Ford saw agricultural as way more than a food supply.

  • He believed that America could rely on products like soy, corn and hemp to fill a vast variety of needs. Ford foresaw the ethanol industry of today. He predicted the rise of plant-based fuels, more than half a century ago.

What Happened to Ford's Hemp Car?

  • There is not more information about the hemp car today is because the original recipe no longer exists.

  • The first hemp car, driving around in the below video clip was destroyed. It wasn’t until recently that people have become enamored with the idea again.

  • Once the war ended, the steel shortage also ended. Because both the oil and steel industry were no longer required for the war, they fought to remain relevant.

  • Through extensive lobbying, they pushed for the auto industry to keep using their products on the production line. Its also suspected they had a hand in limiting hemp production and the eventual prohibition. The hemp industry didn’t stand a chance.


Ford’s Green Dream & The New Hemp Car

Bruce Dietzen invested $200,000 to build a sport car with
bodywork made from #Hemp Cannabis.

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This is a well put together post on an important part of cannabis history. Gotta love Standard Oil... Jk!