Early Football days in Ptuj

in #history3 years ago

Football club Drava Ptuj is a football club from Ptuj. It was founded in 1933 and abolished in 2011. The role of the failed Drava football club was succeeded by the Drava Ptuj Football School, which is not recognized as the official successor by the competition authorities.


Football club Drava Ptuj plays its home games at the City Stadium Ptuj. In addition to the main covered grandstand, which can accommodate 1,609 spectators, the stadium also has a prefabricated grandstand with 598 seats. The main grandstand on the west side of the stadium consists of the old and new part of the grandstand. The construction of the latter was completed in 2005. The grass field is surrounded by an athletics track with various other athletic aids, which enables, in addition to football matches, also athletic events

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