Decorative Arts and History Of National Museum of Ireland

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The National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History (Irish: Ard-Mhúsaem na hÉireann - Na hEalaíona Maisiúla ⁊ Stair) is a branch of the National Museum of Ireland placed at the former Collins Barracks in the Arbour Hill area of Dublin, Ireland. The main concentrate of the galleries is on arts, Art and wares, intercept display on: Irish invent and circulation, silverware, hangings, folklife and outfit, ceramics, and glassware. Included are artifacts such as Etruscan vases, gauntlets worn by King William at the Battle of the Boyne, a life bandoleer and sweep salvaged from the shipwreck of the RMS Lusitania and a pocket leger carried by Wolfe Tone whilst immure in the Barracks.



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