The Tudors: Henry VIII and Jane Seymour.

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The day after Anne Boleyn’s execution Jane Seymour was officially betrothed to King Henry and 10 days after that they were married.

Henry and his wives

Henry's third wife, Jane, was a quiet, demure woman who had been lady in waiting to both of Henry's previous wives. Although she was from a family with a long, respectable lineage, her education was basic so she could read fairly well and write a little.

Not a lot seems to be known about her short period as Henry's wife. She never actually had a coronation to officially become queen, possibly to make things easier if she proved to be barren and unable to bear him an heir. During their married life she attempted to reconcile Henry with his eldest daughter, Mary.

About a year after their marriage it was officially announced that she was with child. Then 29 years after Henry became king, Jane gave birth to his long awaited male heir. It was a long labour, leaving her very weak for the christening of little prince Edward. Sadly, following the christening she became very ill with a fever and died just 9 days later, likely succumbing to an infection known as “childbed fever”, which was not uncommon in those days.

Henry took her death very hard and always maintained that she was the only woman he truly loved. It was over two years before he would consider marrying again. For many years, even after he remarried, Jane continued to appear in their portraits as queen consort, a nod to her status as mother of the heir. Upon his death Henry was buried with Jane.


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