A brief story about how I started my first business at age 17 .and what made me do it!

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My childhood passed normally, #like most people, and by chance at the age of 17 years, I came across one very famous book that changed my mind.The #book is called "Rich Dad Poor Dad."

Reading this book, I realized that to be employed, and I do not want, just half a year, I started my own #business - is selling clothes through social network group. Over time, this business brought me a good income. I earn from $ 500 to $ 1200

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I realized that the roof does not have to jump into the field and began to look for other options. At the age of 20 years, my #life has changed dramatically - I met successful businessmen, #entrepreneurs in a #word, with like-minded people, which began to develop. study business, psychology, took a lot of #training .

Now I am a successful #internet entrepreneur and #investor!

developing promising projects invest money and receive from this income

all interested persons can help in the direction of investments

50% of success - it's your environment! Surround yourself with successful people, determined and then success will come to you)

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Thank you

Cool entrepreneurs!

these books are really cool!

Wow what a great story, great job. :)