A Documentary I made with World War 2 Veterans. They tell Amazing Stories! Happy 4th of July

in #history4 years ago

I made this documentary with veterans from World War 2. I wanted to interview local veterans who fought in World War 2 before it was too late. This really was the greatest generation. Most of the men in this video have passed in the past few years. Some had never talked about the war before.

I wanted to post something patriotic for the 4th and this video came to mind. I am a teacher and when the video was complete we brought the veterans in to watch it. I also gave all of them and their families copies.

This is one of my proudest pieces of work. It is not the history channel and I didn't have an hd camera, but I feel like the video came out great. I only wish that I kept all the raw interviews without the edits.

Anyways I hope you enjoy this video and take a moment to honor those who risked their lives for our country. This video was shot in 2011 and finished in 2012.

The narration was done by one of my students at the time.


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Happy 4th of July y'all! 🎉

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