Philippines National Symbols

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Philippines consists of different national symbols from animals, tree and a things that represent the tradition and culture and ideals and convey the principles of sovereignty and national solidarity of the Filipino people.

Some of these symbols are stated in the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines, which is also known as Republic Act 8491.

Here the list of the Philippines National Symbols

National Language - Filipino

As stated in the Constitution of the Philippines.

National Flower - Sampaguita (Jasmine)

This flower known as best flower offering in the altar.

National Tree - Narra

They said Narra tree is the one of the strongest tree.

National Bird - Philippine Eagle

National Gem - Philippine Pearl

Philippines known in the world as "Pearls of Birth".

National Martial Art - Arnis

This martial arts, use two wooden stick as a self defense.

National Sports - Sepak Takraw

National Animal - Carabao

Carabao symbolize hard work and strength.

National Fruit - Mango

You can find the sweetest mango in Guimaras, the Mango capital of Philippines.

National Leaf - Anahaw

The leaves use to create an Abaniko or fan.

National Hero - Dr. Jose Rizal

National Food - Adobo

In adobo, you can use chicken or pork in your main ingredient.

National Vehicle - Jeepney

Jeepney called "Hari ng Kalsada" or King of the Road.

National Dress - Baro't Saya (Female)

National Dress - Barong (Male)

National House - Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut)

National Fish - Bangus (Milkfish)

Some of the national symbols replace and the government not yet release the full official new Philippines National Symbols.

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It is very nice that you share about your country. Thanks!