A-stolen-bicycle-inspired-Muhammad-Alis-Career.jpg)Muhammad Ali’s Career.

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Facts About Famous Figures
Before he was kicking ass as a boxer, he was Classius Clay, a kid Louisville, Kentucky. There was an incident in his early life that made him hit the gym. One time he and a friend were at the Columbia Auditorium. When he came back he realized someone had stolen his bicycle . It was very valuable to him. The frustrated Classius told an officer that he wanted to beat up the thief. Coincidentally the The officer was also a boxing coach. He said “Well, you better learn how to fight before you start challenging people,” That is when Ali’s passion for boxing was born.Ali started to work out at the gym with the cop, who was known as Jack Martin. After that he never looked back. Then he went on to accomplish amazing things in his storied career. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Thanks to the thief who stole the bike and gave inspiration to a young kid who would eventually become one of the greatest ever.

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