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We have become too busy with cryptocurrency and other things. Why do not we change a bit to get our subjects interested Especially those who love to read historical events that most people do not know? I assure you that you will love what I can share if you read and track it and share it with others. But of course, not everyone wants to read about this historical event. I do not expect but I will continue to share what I know that I have been doing for almost three years. Let me start the introduction.


Are you familiar with the tanks used in World War II? And do you know what countries have a tank? Do you know the types of tanks used in war and their names? Gradually I will show you everything and its ability.

Do you know that there are games of tanks using real looks, abilities, sounds and even small objects are really capturing the look, especially the smoke that comes out of the tank when it is running and releasing the first bullet! But everything depends on the power of the computer you use. This desktop computer that I am using now is that specification is just fine with daily use and normal specification for game and rendering.

The specification of my computer is:

  • 8GB RAM - Hyper X-Fury
  • 2TB HDD
  • 2TB Graphics card - GTX 750Ti
  • Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz
  • System type - 64 bit operatings ystem , x64-based processor
  • Edition - Windows 10
  • Version - 1703

Soon, I would like to upgrade the Ram and Motherboard of my computer once I have money. I will do first my obligation to my family.

The events of World War II were terrible and there were so many dead soldiers who gave up their lives for what they had fought for the country.

We all know that the mighty nation in World War II is the nation of Germany with powerful weapons. They have the most powerful tanks at all and second only to Americans with strong tanks. Most of the leaders in the war in Germany are Adolf Hitler who wants to lead the country.

There are some secret Nazi Germany military weapons that are really powerful as you can see and read below.

The Panzer VIII Maus has not yet appeared in the World of Tanks since it is still being reviewed for its small details. In the next article, we will look at the tanks used by German in World War II. And the tank they used was 100% used in the World of Tanks. It has been a long history of a tank that began with the German weapons.

Let me continue to my next article...
Thank you for reading...


  1. Secret Military Weapons of Nazi Germany (1).gif

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A lot of information from the tanks is coming soon. I need to arrange it everything including the GIF of tanks.

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