Great spies.Part 7-Rudolf Abel.

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His real name is William Fisher.He was born in England,in a family expelled from Russia Marxists of German origin.At the age of 18, Rudolf is in a place with his parents in Russia.William worked as a translator in the Executive Committee of the Comintern, during his military service he mastered the profession of a radio Telegraph operator and after demobilization he became an employee of the OGPU.
After applying to the British Consulate, he got an English passport and, having left for Europe, started working for the Soviet intelligence.Persuaded to return to the Homeland of the famous physicist Pyotr Kapitsa.During the great Patriotic war he trained radio operators for guerrilla groups.
Рудольф Абель..jpg
In his 45 years under the name of the artist Emil Goldfus settled in new York and became the head of the intelligence network,which stole from the Americans many secrets of their nuclear project and 9 years after the betrayal,was arrested.During the investigation, instead of the real name called the name of the deceased by the time a colleague Rudolf Abel.
In 60 years it was exchanged for the pilot of the shot down American reconnaissance aircraft Francis powers and arrested on charges of espionage of American student Frederic Pryor.In the future, he trained illegal intelligence agents.

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