Great spies.Part 5-Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

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The couple were executed for the transfer of Soviet intelligence secret information on the "Manhattan project."Julius as a teenager was one of the leaders of the Union of Communist youth.He created the Agency network "Volunteers" included engineers of the largest companies of the American military-industrial complex.
His wife was also a Communist and became a worthy assistant to her husband.Her brother, U.S. army Sergeant David Greenglass worked as a mechanic in the nuclear lab at Los Alamos and had access to many secret materials.
When arrested Klaus he gave his courier Harry gold,who in turn handed over by David Greenglass,which stretches the thread of the spouses Rosenberg.
Юлиус и Этель Розенберги.jpg
The couple refused to admit their guilt, insisting that they were a victim of anti-Communist and anti-Semitic provocation.However, the court found the evidence to be sufficient to impose the death penalty.


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