Sisal's Towers, Suicide's Towers || #1

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I turn to the east, I see the green areas of the university, students, professors, a placid and peaceful environment, later I see the symbol of my city: the Obelisk, with a white so radiant that it dulls all the structures around, surrounded by vegetation, a nice park and some people enjoying a walk.

I turn to the west, in the beginning, the children who receive their swimming lessons in the large Olympic pool located next to my college caught my attention, however, the tranquility does not last long, since the 4 sinister buildings characteristic of the landscape of Barquisimeto remain imposing.




Sisal's Towers, named like this because they are located in the Sisal, a neighborhood that in turn was given that name because there is an old company that uses "sisal" to make ropes and sacks.

The history of these buildings is well known to all the inhabitants of the city. Built more than 40 years ago; they were designed to meet the demand for rooms in Barquisimeto. Apparently, the studies of the land were not done very well before the construction and, later on, it was discovered that they were unfeasible due to the possibilities of a future disaster.

It is said that some kind of river went underground or that the buildings were not prepared to resist earthquakes, there is not much certainty about this, there are many versions that circulate about the work; however, there is a fact that never changes.

The man who carried out the project was the one who put the largest investment, realizing that the buildings would not take place, he was ruined, to the neck of debt. Unable to find another alternative, he was the first to throw himself from the towers.

Since then, there have been many rumors about the buildings, generally from an esoteric perspective, that if the towers are cursed –exotic graffiti and drawings have been found there–, that if santeros or satanic groups operate there at night –it has found human bones in that place–, among other similar gossips.

The truth is that the towers have something sinister; they seem to have a life of their own, as if they were talking through the wind; its imposing height –by the standards of the city– and its horrible facade, depress the hearts of those who observe them for a long time.

I can assure you that it is not pretty; it is not just the fall of 25 stories high, nor that have to climb a staircase without rails with the wind pushing you to give a false step, but the end, because below you will find a pit full of steel bars to ensure fall's mortality.

Even so, there have been 30 people who have decided to end their story in that way -although rumors say they are more than 100-, causing scandal and uproar in a city that still has a lot of quiet town.

Como esta, hay muchas portadas de periódico similares. Source.

So far we will arrive today; soon I will tell you the story of a person who almost took his own life in these buildings, in addition to my personal experiences in him. Also, we will talk about the future of this project and how these forgotten works affect the city.



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Wow. This is amazingly disturbing. I did not know about this. Well written, @julioccorderoc

Do you live in Bqto?

No. In Cumaná. I've visited Barquisimeto very briefly just a couple of times. Can't say i know the town.

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