AMAZING Discovery In Egypt! - Ancient Village UNCOVERED

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In this video, I report on the latest archaeological discovery in Egypt as an ancient village has been discovered around 87 miles North of Cairo.

The village was found in Tell el-Samara and is said to be around 7000 years old.

Several silos were found on site along with animal bones, food, pottery and stone tools.


Articles regarding this new find claim that it is older than the Pyramids, however they base this claim on faulty regurgitated "evidence."

With this story, we dig into the true origins of ancient Egypt and how over time, technology and architecture got more and more primitive indicating a massive cataclysm of some kind, driving back Egyptians thousands of years.

As Dr. Robert Schoch believes, the Sphinx itself is likely from around 10,000 BC, or 12,000 years old. The Sphinx's enclosure shows vast water erosion which could not be possible at the level present at the Plateau unless one is to age it much further back to when water flowed through the area around the last Ice Age.

The Sphinx has a down-sized head which appears to have been restored from a larger head by Pharaohs. This debunks the claim that the original Sphinx was carved in honor of Khafre considering the body's erosion is far more worn out than the head itself.

The Dynastic Egyptians did not have the capability to build the Great Pyramids and this claim that they're tombs is absolutely assumptive and absurd. They have the Valley of the Kings to bury the Pharaohs. Why on Earth would they build a massive monument like nothing the world has ever seen, something that to this day cannot be replicated only to place a cheap looking sarcophagus within the Great Pyramid's King's Chamber and not bother to do any Hieroglyphs which were sacred to the Ancient Egyptians?

All of this and more in this video report! We hope to dig further into this issue and answer as many questions as we possibly can on the origins of ancient civilizations. Why can the Great Pyramid focus electro-magnetic energy? What's in the hidden chambers? Why won't the Ministry of Antiquities allow the public to investigate further? What does the Tomb of Osiris tell us? What about Gobekli Tepe? These are all questions that we must find the answers to.

See the FULL video report here:

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Nice video! thanks for covering the pyramids. Tesla claimed he got the idea for wireless electricity from the pyramids

While I enjoy all the freedom issues that WAM covers I love that you delve into the history that has been forgotten. When I was growing up there was always outlets discussing the mysteries of past but it feels like it has been pushed aside lately.

Right on! There is so much more to our history then we are being told. The veil is falling slowly but steadily.

egyptian mythology is alltime conspiracy full... this is the full of mystery... day by day its story is uncovered by newly

there is much more to know about history that are not yet known by us.

Yeah the mainstream scientists are bought and paid for ❗️Those are not sarcophagus .