An Old Insulator I Pulled From the Powerlines

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I have quite a bit of this sort of stuff. Old items pulled from the old broken down powerlines when their lifespan is up and they have served their purpose.
I have heard of this specific insulator referred to as a “Blue Goose”
It’s about 12 inches across and weighs right at 20 lbs (trust me I just weighed it😉)
Check out the dates that are on it...
Ok, so that is he Patent date ya cool whatever, but the manufacture date has me a little puzzled...
1924??? So correct me if I am wrong but this things was made in 1924??? Or is that just when they started manufacturing a product like this and not the his exact one?? As you can see I have a lot of questions about this piece of Lineman History.
Check this out, you can see the chunks of porcelain used to make it.
With a brief search it seems this could be possible for this insulator to be made in the 1920’s since in the 1880’s this was the choice of material for the high voltage lines.
I have never actually researched and attempted to see when or where this was made. All I know it that it
came off of a very old section of powerline in California.
I have 4 of these and I know a guy that has some really cool insulators that is willing to trade for them.
In the Lineman trade we call these Bells the new bells weigh about 1 pound and are a polymer rubber substance that don’t break.
I will dig up some of my other stuff and bring them for your viewing pleasure
Until next time
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I have to find this video of this Lineman and the Bar he made. I will send it to you

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